Everything Is Relative

Everything is relative. Understanding each other depends on the principle of relativity.

What is right or wrong, rich or poor, feeling good or bad, it is all relative.

But there are other dimensions to relativity. Age, social class, country, culture, being single or married, having children, the health and character of those children, ones ambitions or lack of goals in life, and many other things.

How much money is enough for a teenager, someone in their 30’s or 60’s is very different, given all other factors being equal. Change any of the previously listed factors and that number changes even more. Is a reduction in constant pain a good day even if you still have pain?

When you do not understand someone, remember relativity and think as if you are that person, not yourself. Then you will begin to understand.

This is a very powerful exercise we can do any time any day. It could be someone you are having a disagreement with, or a total stranger, the waiter serving you, the client, boss or co-worker and of course anyone in your family.

Let your mind open up to thinking about how they feel, what matters in their life, what are their pains, desires, hopes and fears.

Do this as often as you can and in time you will see how your mind develops greater intuition and understanding, and how conflicts and anger are diminishing in your life and wisdom grows.

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