Fear Rules

Law of Attraction – Positive Thinking Series

I was discussing my recent trip to Japan with a friend and mentioned how the Japanese people are so obedient to the rules and respect of others. How they form lines and stay on their side of the walkway to allow for pedestrian traffic to flow along smoothly in each direction despite the immense population.

My friend asked how the people are kept in order and do that. I responded with saying that they follow the rules. This question and answer repeated a few times until she said bluntly, and what punishment do they get if they don’t follow the rules.

This was a great realisation. They don’t need to be threatened, they just do what is right because that is what must be done. There is no punishment, and no one normally breaks the rules.

Here is the key factor to emptiness in life. We obey because if we don’t, there is a punishment. We do things in fear of the repercussions. If you do anything in fear, regardless that you may be willing to do it anyway, but you are faced with ‘do it or else!’ there will be some resistance and negative feeling about it. That negative emotion eats away at the positive and since the negative is something we are so used to, we end up a bit empty.

This is a key factor to the immense amount of negative energy, thoughts and emotions, that permeate our society. Everything is fear based, do it or else.

If we would do for the sake of doing, which is a saying of at least 2500 years old, there would be no resentment. Things would move along smoothly and far more efficiently, since having a hesitation or resentment to an action will undoubtedly result in a less than best result. We would be happier with much less negative emotion in our life, and people would be far easier to deal with.

Will this revelation change society? Doubtful, that is too much to ask. But you can change yourself. Observe any negative feelings, even if it is just a hint, and also look for any traces of resentment for any action in which the thought pops up of punishment if you do not comply. Speeding or parking the car are great examples. Rules put in place because people do not respect the rules.

Don’t park where you block someone else, and there would not be a need for parking tickets for that offence. Respect all people and things, and if no one was negligent, and nothing was destroyed thoughtlessly, there would never have been the need for punishments.

We have brought this upon ourselves through our own disregard and lack of respect to all and everything.

Learn to respect, teach your children respect, bring respect into the school system, the workplace, big and small corporations, in our daily interactions, bring respect to others into all your actions, and do this for the sake of doing the best you can for your own sake of being a more peaceful person with less negative emotions in your daily life.

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