A rock thrown into the river will disturb the water for a moment, even splashing drops on the bank. The water can only yield, that is its nature, it has no choice.

As time passes, the river flows and the stone is worn down. That is the nature of the stone, it has no choice.

The way of some people is to make a big entrance, and fast departure from view like the stone. That is their nature, but they do have a choice.

The way of the Universe is to enter quietly, grow strong, live long. Humans have that choice.

Those who attain public fame come and go often, and are noticed for this. The tiny seed of the weed is never noticed until it has taken over the whole garden.

In yielding to your environment, adapt, allow others to speak loudly and tire themselves. In quiet repose, flowing with the wind, you will land and take root with enduring strength. This is the way of wise individuals.

The water and rock have no choice as to their nature. Humans throw the rock, or choose not to.

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