For Any Belief Or Opinion, There Is Always Something Equally Valid Which Contradicts It

In life, for every opinion that is completely valid, there is always an opposite opinion that is equally valid. Knowing and accepting that, we can always be free of conflict.


In Asia burping is not even noticed, people burp out loud at the dinner table, in public, no problem.

But in the west, oh are you going to get in trouble. So rude and obnoxious, people can get pretty upset if you dare burp at the table out loud, and in a restaurant, will you get stares!

So what is right? To burp or not to burp, that is the question, Mr. Shakespeare.

Burping is healthy, a necessary part of the digestive process, but somewhere along the line of high society, someone determined it was rude. Does that make it a bad thing?

If you want a peaceful life, find what causes you to get upset and angry. You will find it is always something you have an opinion about.

In Asia, especially Penang where I live now, the motorbikes have no road rules. They do not have lights, even at night, they do not have to obey traffic lights, they can ride on either side of the road into oncoming traffic if they like, and they speed between the cars. The part that really shocks me, is that they get upset at the cars!

I constantly have to remind myself that I am a guest in this country, and they have their own rules, which are different from my rules. Needless to say I consider my rules of safe motorbike riding, since I ride a motorbike myself, to be logical and the right way, if you want to stay alive.

These people have different rules, different attitudes, and the drivers of cars know this. Who am I to tell them what to do in their home? That is the American way, go into other countries and tell them how they should live. I am Canadian so I do not abide by that attitude 🙂

Take a few days and consider every time you get upset, if that is because you think someone should do things differently, your way. Then think or research to find if there are some people in the world who would have a totally opposite view to yours and see if they are correct for their home culture.

We fight because we think we know best, in a word, arrogant. It goes both ways of course if you look at the world with all the wars and conflicts we are in now, Russia and Ukraine, Israel and Hamas, ISIL and Iraq, Syria and spreading to the whole Middle East. Who is right?

I am not going to say who is right, no matter how obvious it may appear, but what I can say is if you do what you want in your home, and do not go into someone else’s home or country and tell them what to do, the world would be at peace.

We would have many countries living in different ways, but if we all let each other live the way they want, there is no need for war and killing. The world has been around a long time with all these different attitudes. It is only when one type wants to make another people do it their way that fights start.

Take that down to your personal life, and you will find that there is a little war in your heart and mind every time you get upset.

Extrapolate the little war in your heart, if you are so adamant about your opinions, imagine it growing to consume you, and soon you will find yourself starting a war. But, if you see that war in your heart and realize that the things that burn you are not really that big a deal, you may find that letting someone burp at the table really should and could not hurt you unless you want it to.

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