Frustrated By The Medical Profession

I am so frustrated by the medical profession that puts eagles in a cage with tortoises and tells them they need to be like tortoises. Stop flying high and fast and get down to earth and crawl in hyper slow motion like everyone else, then you will be cured and happy.

Enough of this drugging and telling people they are sick, with bio-polar, anger problems, ADD, ADHD, and etc etc.

Yes, some people have real problems and need help, but some people are simply superior in so many ways than the so called doctors and professionals and the worst are the councillors, who are there to help them.

If you have problems, if life is simply too frustrating and people drive you crazy, or they can easily push your buttons and get you to explode or attack or insult them, think about this.

What are you really angry about? Is it something they said that hurts you? If so, then what is it exactly that made you feel bad? Are you inadequate or does it make you face the fact that you are not doing what you should be doing. Or, is it because they are so stupid and you want to shake them out of their dull boring and limited life?

Are you angry at something they said, or at yourself, or are you angry for something, like how they are wasting their life, or how they are trying to constrain you and limit your life?

There is a movie trilogy called Divergent. It is about a time when there are a few people who are different than the rest and the leaders want to kill all these ‘divergent’ people because they are seen as a threat, when in fact, the ‘divergent’ are actually the ones who can help and save the world.

For anyone with problems, if you feel something is wrong with you, if you do not fit in to society, you are different, I say this, yes, you are different, you do not fit in, and you do not belong to the masses.

You are a lion in a sheep pen, and the farmer is trying to take out your teeth and claws so you cannot eat his sheep. Do not submit to that. Speak up, find your ways of expressing your creative energy, your spontaneity, your individuality and break out of the confines of the little mouse cage with the exercise wheel going nowhere.

Let the rest of the mice and sheep stay where they are and be eaten by society. That is the whole point of the social system, to keep the food supply going. In the case of modern society that means keep the masses limited and constrained so they build up credit card debts, buy houses and cars they cannot afford, so they are stuck doing their stupid jobs to pay the bills every month, which in the end keeps them busy and under control and makes the government in power and business owners richer.

Do not succumb to the tricks and allow them to medicate you and tell you that you are sick and need help. They are the ones lost. You just have to accept and deal with living in world of sheep.

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