Happiness Is Found When Selfishness Turns To Sincere Giving

One thing that you may have found through my articles is that you cannot ‘do’ anything. Everything just happens and you react by instinct or by one of the minds of the ego part of your being. Rarely if ever do you act out of the wisdom mind of your ‘Essence’ or ‘Being’. We call this being governed by the Law of Accident.

As long as you remain ignorant of the facts of what parts of you are making the decisions in your life, you are a prisoner to your human animal nature which is led by its own self-preservation desires. All the while you think you are more evolved than any other animal and act out of reason and compassion, yet that is just one of the self-lies we believe.

This article is based on the assumption that you have come to see this through your own self-exploration and observation and it is now no longer a mere knowledge or vision of certainty, but in fact a truth of certainty for you.

If you have come to this level of certainty, perhaps now you are open to accepting your own human limitations and ready to become more than human, breaking the bonds of all that is ‘normal’ in our modern life. Those common things such as stress, confusion, limitations, and virtually anything that is opposed to perfect internal peace and balance, wisdom, love and insight are parts of the human animal rather than the human ‘Being’.

Having come to the acceptance of your selfish lesser nature, you can now change that and begin to act truly compassionately. Being able to act sincerely for others is the only way to gain the most necessary of emotional foods required to develop a step beyond the human animal level and attain some of the qualities that are within our capacity. That food is only valuable if it is pure and without any hints of self interest.

The Joy Of Giving

That food is the joy of giving through having a useful purpose untainted by any self interest. To act with the thought of getting the satisfaction of giving is selfish and the food is tainted. To act without thought of yourself brings that food in its pure form.

If you read this before you had explored your own self-lying and the nature to act only out of selfish desires, you would not have digested it deeper than the superficial intellectual level, being fully under the grasp of the lie. But having taken the time to test and prove your skilful self-deception for yourself, your mind is now open to the possibility of pure action.

This is because there is nothing more you can do to make your actions pure other than remove that which continues to give them a tint of colour. It is not what you do, it is what you should not do that matters.

From now onward, if you have the inclination, consider what you can do for others and observe your interests, and you will start to see a difference in your experiences. There are no real exercises for this, as the practices have been to get you to the point of understanding that to ‘do’ takes conscious awareness of your inward motivating factors. You could not really ‘do’ anything truly benevolent because you have been unconscious of your motivations.

The Possibility to DO!

Now that you are becoming aware of your inner drives, you have the possibility to actually ‘do’ things with purity. The more you can act in this way, which is simply to do without thought of yourself (although do not be foolish about it) the more you clean what the Sufi tradition calls, ‘the heart which is the veil to the soul.’

As you progress in this process, other faculties may develop, but most importantly the quality of state of mind and emotion called equanimity. Do not equate equanimity and balance to being some placid doormat who just sits in meditation or wanders the world to help people while they throw rubbish at him and he smiles back. A flat line is dull if it is flat on the level of dullness. But a flat line on the line that knows no negative states, is powerful, energetic and full of life, consistently. There is nothing dead about this at all. Rather you are dead now.

Life is power. A human with a developed ‘Being’ has all the power of the Universe. A human Being with a clean veil has no obstructions to the power of his soul. That power, whatever you personally like to imagine that to be, is capable of all manner of things, but it is neutral in its nature. That means that you can direct and use it as you will for your own health, success, creativity or whatever you require.

There is one factor that is common to anyone who has that power, and that is a vibrant personality full of energy when the time is appropriate, while at the same time, the ability to sit in perfect stillness for days. That is the test you can give yourself of your own progress. Do you have the energy that lights up other people, and in a moments notice to sit still in perfect calmness without moving body or mind. The difference between energy and strength is that energy itself does not fade or run down, while strength has limits. As well, energy effects others by igniting their own energy, strength is a force that makes things happen, regardless of what they personally desire or have within. The effects of energy last, while those of strength fade.

We have discussed what you are; limited.

We have discussed why you are that way; self-lying and selfishness.

We have discussed what you can become; free and a joy to all.

We have discussed how to become that; self-awareness.

You now have the choice to accept what you are and stay that way or, put in the effort to change. If you want to change, you must ask for direction and take action.

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2 Responses to Happiness Is Found When Selfishness Turns To Sincere Giving

  1. Andy January 31, 2012 at 10:35 pm #

    Very powerful article. There are so many opportunities to do this practice – to observe and see the truth of yourself.

  2. Ande February 1, 2012 at 9:19 am #

    There is one factor that is common to anyone who has that power, and that is a vibrant personality full of energy when the time is appropriate, while at the same time, the ability to sit in perfect stillness for days. That is the test you can give yourself of your own progress.

    Thank you for explaining the simplicity of this state. I aspire to this.

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