Happiness Must Be Earned

Many people speak of how we should all be happy, it is so easy, just be happy, don’t worry. Yet many people find happiness very elusive. Why is it so difficult to find happiness if it is truly our natural birthright? If it were true that it is so easy for all of us to have, then we would be, but in general, we are not happy all that much.

What is the cause of preventing happiness as our permanent emotional state? I believe that happiness for an adult, not a child, is not something that we automatically get, but rather must earn.

The way we earn a permanent state of happiness is by fulfilling the necessary conditions that a human being requires to be happy.

Unfortunately, the mass marketing tells us to buy toys, an iPhone, iPad, shoes and clothing, holidays and you will be happy. That is obviously a very temporary happiness, which is not the answer. Happiness must be earned, it cannot be bought, that is what we learn by the failure to achieve happiness based on the advice of the advertisements.

How we earn happiness is by fulfilling two obligations of life. These obligations are a satisfaction with oneself and the fulfillment of ones needs, which both happen at the same time. We fulfill our obligations by providing for our needs; the basics, food, clothing, shelter, medical care, all the things that come through money because money is required for everything in this world, never mind the relaxation, pleasures and more importantly the freedom from the obligation of having to work every day at any job, even one you hate, because if you don’t work every day you won’t have enough money to pay the rent or buy food.

Feeling worthy comes through earning your living. If we do not provide for our own needs, we will not feel worthy of our existence because that implies we are dependent on other people which is an obligation or burden and so we are definitely not worthy of being here because someone else has to take care of us.

To be worthy of existence is to be self-sufficient. To be able to take care of yourself in a manner which eventually provides for the rest of your life so that you do not live in fear of losing your job or anything happening to you because of the serious repercussions of being without an income.

While we participate in the activity of life, we feel worthy of living and at the same time, if done with wisdom, accumulate enough money such that we are comfortable that our needs will always be provided for.

This is how we earn happiness, because happiness comes when we have no fear. Fear is removed when you have nothing to worry about.

When you achieve that worldly satisfaction, you have a better chance of truly being permanently happy. When people say they know rich people who are not happy, maybe there is something lacking in their life which is not fulfilling. The whole question is if you feel worthy of your existence.

For most people, it is subconsciously related to supporting themselves instead of living off handouts.

This is why earning happiness is the key. We have to earn our money and be useful in the world in some way. That satisfaction, along with financial freedom, in time will bring you a permanent state of happiness. If you are not feeling worthy of your existence, no meditation, or medication, will help you achieve a permanently happy state.

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