Having Enough Time

If you are waiting to have enough time to do the things you want to do, to devote yourself to that project or practice that you know would be beneficial, you will never find the time.

Time has to be stolen from one thing or another, you are always doing something and have something to do, you will never find the time, you have to make the time or take the time away from something else you are doing.

It is all a question of priorities. What you value most will be where you spend your time. You may say that you do not value the things that take your time in the day, but that is just the Nafs convincing you to justify your avoidance of the difficult project or your desire to do things that you like but do not want to admit you like.


Try this little self discovery practice. List what you feel are the most important things in your life, where you would devote your time if you had the freedom to choose.

Next, list all the things you do in the day, where you actually spend your time over the course of a week. Now the trick is to look at where you spend your time and see the real reason that you spend your time on that item. For instance, you may say you work 9 hours a day, but that is not the reason you spend your time at your job. You actually work to earn the money. So the reason you work is to get the money to do something with the money, rent, food, etc.

So now when you look at where you spend your time, list the real ultimate reason you spend your time there. That goes for watching TV and pastimes like that as well.

The last and most painful step is to compare where you spend your time with the real reason you do those things, versus the things you think you would like to be doing and see if you could readjust your schedule so that you give up some things to make the time for the things you claim you value most.

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