How Guilt Works and How to Never Be Manipulated By It Again

The greatest and most powerful tool, or weapon, in the art of manipulation is guilt.

There is nothing stronger as a method of making the innocent feel that they are responsible for something they had nothing to do with than laying on a good guilt trip.

Everyone knows about guilt and hates feeling guilty, yet are helpless to defend against it at times.

This short video will explain what guilt really is, how it is effective and how to become immune to guilt without becoming cold and closed emotionally. Rather, ones emotions will open more as one becomes more emotionally free, which means as much as a target from the arrows of guilt as would be a cloud.

Guilt can only harm you if you feel that it could possibly be true. This means that for guilt to be effective, there must be included a degree of lies. Lies can be something that someone tells you, or they can be lies you believe about yourself, which we call, self-lying.

Of course there may be plenty of truth in the guilt attack as well, but that is why you must know yourself.  Are you really that bad person, did you do what they say you did, and most importantly, if you did it, what did you do to correct your errors.

It is very possible to stop lying to yourself and with the other methods explained in the video, for you to build your self-esteem, compassion and strength.

When someone is laying on the guilt, they are usually feeling some fear or pain. By placing the guilt on someone else, be that you, the government, the weather, the boss, company, economy, or the kid next door, they are taking a panadol to not feel their own pain.

The laying on of guilt and blame is the avoidance of accepting responsibility, that is its purpose. Divert and attack. This is what humans do rather than take responsibility and corrective action.

If you do the right thing you will feel emotionally independent, and at the same time, if you will accept that other people will never do the ‘right’ thing, and can only divert and attack so they do not feel their own pain, you will be giving them acceptance.

That acceptance for them as they are, without you trying to make them change, may be the first step to their changing.

I hope you will enjoy and gain great benefits from this video which you can watch HERE

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