How Making Decisions Relates To Depression And Happiness

Scientific studies show that people who feel they have no control over their life are more prone to depression, but people who feel they have control over their life in general are happy and positive.

Therefore we can say in a generality that a feeling of lack of control leads to depression.
We liken the mind to the tires of a car, in that a poor quality tire gives a very poor ability to control the car, it will not be stable to drive with an off balance wobbly or flat tire. If your mind is not strong and stable enough, you will feel you have no control over events and thus the future of your life, which makes life hopeless and will lead you to depression.

Let’s look a this process in reverse. If you feel a sense of depression or hopelessness in your life, we can say that a cause of this is that you do not feel you have control over the events in your life, over what will happen to you and over what you will do. By exercising control over your life, by making decisions, you will alleviate the feeling of hopelessness and depression.

Control is the master key. In the car, by changing the tires to a higher quality, you will have better control. In the mind it is a matter of the quality of your thoughts. By changing the quality of your thoughts to more powerful, positive and decisive, you will alter your level of control over the events in your life and cure the problem that way.

This is actually the easiest thing in the world to do, because it is as simple as taking action, by making a decision.

If you acknowledge that depression is caused by a feeling of lack of control, and that the mind is the weak point between you and the world, meaning who is in control; you the driver or the wobbly tires reacting to the bumps in the road sending you into a ravine. If we change the tires, meaning the type and quality of your thoughts through your actions, you will gain strength of character, will-power and confidence.

To do this it is important to accept that the outcome of the decision is irrelevant at this point in the process of taking control. The point is that you make a decision. That you decide and take control and implement action by making a decision, the outcome is irrelevant because the quality of the mind is that you choose, you are in control of the decision.

Using the example of dating, since loneliness is a major cause of depression as well, if you take the action, make a decision and speak to that person on the street or in the cafe who you find attractive, the power of the decision to take action is very exhilarating as long as you are not concerned with the outcome.

Only by taking control and learning from your experiences will you be able to improve the quality of your decisions. It is the same as when you start working and do not have much money, you have to buy less expensive tires, but as you improve and make more money, you can buy better quality tires and a car.

In the same way, you make decisions and take control of your life and as you do, over time, the quality of your decisions improve thus giving you greater power. Unless you are willing to accept that the outcome of the decision is irrelevant, but the point is that you made a decision, then you will never take control of your life because you are too scared to make a wrong decision, and thus remain depressed.

People who turn all their affairs over to God, submitting to the will of God, that everything is in God’s hands, have relinquished control, and are thus now helpless. In fact, what they have done is avoid responsibility for their life.

‘God helps those who help themselves.’ This very well known saying is always forgotten by people of blind faith, who normally are very poor, depressed and find their only comfort in brainwashing themselves with the thought that God knows best.

There is a good story about the civil defense evacuating people from an approaching tornado. Some people stood fast refusing to leave with the explanation that God will protect them. Who do you think is sending the tornado!!!

This is the self destructive foolishness of blind faith. Blind faith is not just in religion, it is in following anyone you trust without thinking for yourself, be that a parent, teacher or employer.

Take responsibility for your life, have faith in the one being which has direct control over your life, YOU.

Success comes to those who DARE and ACT!

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6 Responses to How Making Decisions Relates To Depression And Happiness

  1. Ved October 5, 2017 at 5:25 pm #

    I know there are many things in my behaviour which are bad and I feel quite embarrassed. But still I do due to some unknown mysterious pressure. How can I can get rid of them?

    • David Samuel October 5, 2017 at 5:42 pm #

      That is a very common problem, the old saying; “Why do I do what I know is bad for me, but do not do what I know is good for me?”

      Indeed this is part of being human, and that is the question I have worked to resolve, and have explained in my book and course, All IS Mind, which you can get on the books page. We run the course from time to time and you can join on line at the next run if you would like.

      You see, the problem with answering your question is not short. There are many parts to the human mind which cause this to happen, somewhat like a magician may make something appear or disappear in his hands, but there are many other people and parts moving in the hidden background.

      The mind is the same. You only IMAGINE that you are a single mind/person, but in fact we are all fragmented into possibly hundreds if not thousands of replicas of our self, each with a tiny difference to each other.

      With some self observation, you will find that you conflict with yourself on the simplest things. In order to fix anything, we must begin with understanding the problem, as it is.

      The book and course detail this concept in a way that you can see yourself as a collection of multiple personalities, yet not need to be checked in to the mental institution 🙂 We are not crazy, but again, a little observation shows we all are very crazy.

      I have also made a book called, Mind Training Exercises For Success, which has many exercises to help conquer the weaknesses of the mind.

      Please excuse me, I am not trying to push my books, but the answer to your question is basically a book of information and exercises so it is too much to put here.

      • Ved October 5, 2017 at 5:53 pm #

        My problem is that I get excited and angry when somebody talks about religion, Indian politics or way of thinking of Indians. I get excited and angry and start speaking too much and forget why and what I am speaking at the at moment. later I realise this mistake and it becomes quite embarrassing for me. Should I go to psychiatrist?

        • David Samuel October 5, 2017 at 6:20 pm #

          NO NO NO, psychiatrist will mess you up, that is their job, so they keep the client. Never take the advice of someone who will profit from your loss. they need clients to stay broken so they keep their income. OK, some people can benefit, but you do not sound like anything is wrong with you. In fact, you are seeing the truth about being human and how messed up we can be, so you are 70% on the way to healed because you see and admit your flaws. So you do not need a shrink, you just need the right guidance and to put in the effort.

          Indians are emotional by nature, I know, my mother is from Bombay. There is nothing wrong, in fact you are so much better than westerners who are so emotionally repressed and then some crack and shoot 500 people at a concert. What you need is the correct expression of your emotions and also the humility to allow everyone to have their own opinions.

          So one little advice I will give you is to remember when you get upset with what someone says, you are basically saying they should think the way you think. However at that time, remember that you would not like someone telling you how you should think, you want the freedom to think as you choose. So you should give that same respect and right to everyone else. They may be wrong, they may be right, we will never know, but what we do know is that fighting can only make problems worse.

          • Ved October 8, 2017 at 8:01 pm #

            You know every morning I get up with an intense anger that why Indians do not respect under privileged, why they do elect corrupt people etc. And this anger remains with me through out the day. The result is I am suffering from chronic fatigue now. And all these factors keep me unhappy for the whole day.

          • David Samuel October 9, 2017 at 5:52 pm #

            Well, first thing I have to smile when you say ‘why they elect corrupt people’, well, that is a simple one to answer, which is, because that is the only person who runs for office. the word ‘Politician’ in India and many other countries is the same word as saying ‘corrupt person’. so you have no choice. it is not deliberate.
            as for not respecting the underprivileged, well, that also is just humans. there is nothing we can do about it. I think the best example to change is Mahatma Gandhi. He did not like what was going on so he took action.But let’s face it, that did not work out too well.
            So I can only say, if something bothers you enough, then do what you can to help whoever you can. and if you do not want to do that, then accept that humans have always been the same, horrible creatures who are no better than animals that feed on the slow and weakest ones in the herd. So this is how it is and there is no way to change humanity so either accept it and live your life best you can, or help however many you can, but accepting reality of this world and politics and human nature as it is, is the only way to peace.
            if you want to be upset, there are infinite things in the world to help you do that. If you want to live in peace, then submit to the fact that as the tiny little human we each are, we do not know the grand scheme of things, and cannot change the world. After all, none of the great enlightened ones in history, nor the great activists like Gandhi have been able to change the world, so therefore, there must be a reason that it is the way it is.

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