How To Eliminate All Of Your Negative Qualities

A truly arrogant or evil person does not see or acknowledge that they are that way. That is the mark of one who has a good chance of self-improvement, seeing what is really inside themselves. The truly arrogant or evil person sees themselves as normal and good.

The eye cannot see itself, it can only see a reflection. Reflections are never perfectly clear and without distortion. In this way, you get an idea of yourself. When you meet someone who you dislike for some reason, reflect upon yourself, if you have any of those same qualities. Likewise, we are attracted to the people we are in harmony with.

To see something is to be outside and apart from it. An item is outside of the seer. The seer and the seen are always separate. If one sees oneself as evil, therefore its opposite must be that which sees and therefore exists in the mind of the seer. I cannot know that I have done something wrong if I do not know what is right.

To see what you are shows you are more than that. In this lies your hope and future. Who or what is it that is seeing? If you know that you have done something wrong by stealing, then there is a part of you, your conscience or morals, that knows stealing is wrong. It is that conscience which is alive and well and can drive you to improve and better yourself. Guilt is the means by which the conscience will nudge you towards self improvement. If you do not feel guilty, then in your mind, you have done nothing wrong. But if you feel guilty, and it is sincere guilt, not false controlling guilt that other people place upon you just to control you, that will push you to grow.

This is not just about good and evil, honest and dishonest. It equally applies to good qualities or skills which could be improved. You may play a sport and wish to improve. If you play badly one day, and you know you can play better, it will push you to practice harder. The same goes for playing a musical instrument, painting or running your business.

Now you have seen your negative side. What perceives negative must be its opposite. You can only know hot because you have felt cold. Your true nature is what is in you that has perceived the negative qualities?

Now you can choose what you develop. This is why we work to see objective truth of ourselves and why seeing negative qualities is a very positive experience. Only good can recognise evil. Be very angry with the part of yourself that is negative, and use that anger to conquer it. Anger is power, fire. It can be used productively if focused on the true cause of the anger.

This is the pain of growth that is unavoidable. Accepting the unavoidable eliminates the pain. Pain comes from trying to avoid the unavoidable.

The change you seek comes when you live in the consciousness of ‘who sees’ rather than ‘what you see’. When you see negative in your self, if you identify with that and get into a negative self-pity mood, it takes you from being the observer to becoming the object observed. The example for this is when you get blind with anger. You are no longer in control of yourself and seeing what is going on, but rather you become part of the problem by joining into the fight.

Observe objectively and keep observing, knowing that who observes is separate from what is observed. Eventually the observer rules and what is observed fades in power from a giant to an ant, and can be easily dealt with and guided to a harmonious end. In this way, you will develop true compassion and your emotions will be enhanced in a very positive way.

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2 Responses to How To Eliminate All Of Your Negative Qualities

  1. annapurna April 11, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    in the battle between our negative qualities and our will sometimes the former wins.that is very discouraging.after few successive failures a kind of resentment develops towards ourselves.we know what is wrong but still fail to eliminate it.what one is supposed to do then?

    • David Samuel April 12, 2011 at 12:12 am #

      We do the same thing as when we are walking on a long journey and are very tired and hungry. We just keep going because our life depends on it.

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