How to Experience Pure Contentment

Law of Attraction – Enlightenment Series

I shall here describe what I have attained and how I attained it. I hope to continue my progress as I know there is still so much further to go. It is my sincere wish that you will attain what I have, and surpass this level as well.

Many paragraphs contain different teachings, if you can understand what the teaching is and digest it, you would be free. This is what the masters of the past taught, it is not my creation, nor is it theirs, it simply is how it is. Each teacher has said it in a different way, as I will now put it in my own words. I apologise if the style is not a smooth flow, but this is not a novel meant to hold your imagination. These lines are blocks to build a fortress of balance and strength, each block is its own, but when put together correctly, they transform into an impenetrable wall surrounding inner peace. This is what I have, an inner life of balance and contentment, freedom in a greater sense.

In all my years of teaching and meeting people around the world, regardless of what each one said they wanted, ultimately everyone wants one thing that all the other desires are hoped to deliver. A feeling of total inner peace and calmness. Ironically this chasing or desire for the happiness is what prevents you from attaining the experience.

This feeling is beyond any joy or happiness, it is total contentment, bliss.  The problem is that people think they need to do or get or learn something to get this feeling.  Rather, you must remove what is preventing you from experiencing it, your active intellect and lesser ego.

There are so many concepts and imaginations about enlightenment, Satori, Nirvana, Samadhi etc. which may have taken you further away from attaining the experience due to the incomplete or false stories about them. Believe nothing of what you hear or read, and only half of what you see until you have tested and proven it to be true through your own experience.

Stop doing what prevents you from feeling this total contentment and you will have it. But how and what should you stop?  This is the conundrum that makes the experience so elusive. You must understand the root of the problem rather than just see the leaves and branches.

The active mind, or intellect is the problem. We know that our imagination and uncontrollable thoughts bring up all sorts of negative emotions causing us endless pain and trouble, but in general, almost impossible to stop. The common thought is that the intellect and its thoughts are the problem, but they are only the leaves and branches of a tree with deep roots. I hope you are led through my words to find and tear out these deadly roots.

Desires, preferences, opinions, differences between good and bad, better and worse, these all stem from the thoughts; “What about me. I am special, I should be acknowledged. I deserve what I want and like too. Why should someone else always get their way.” And the classic, “I think therefore I am” which can be more accurately translated as “I am thinking, therefore I exist.”

This well known statement of Rene Descartes became a foundational element of Western philosophy and is although true in a way, also a foundational element of what prevents you from experiencing enlightenment. Although he published this in 1637, it is a far more ancient belief.

“I am”, I and am, two words that solidify your feelings of individuality and existence create the need to be acknowledged which then creates desires and opinions to identify your individuality and strengthens your human personality’s ego. That ego, as we shall discuss later, is your prison.

Being fully present in the moment means that this moment is all there is, you are complete, you have everything you need. If you now think that I am wrong about anyone having all they need bringing the example of people who are starving, in physical pain or any other hypothetical situation proving they really are in need, then you have both proven and missed the point of my message. You are not present in this moment, you are off in your hypothetical dream.

We are discussing YOU and the experience of total peace which has nothing to do with anyone else in any condition. This is how your mind keeps active with thoughts outside of ‘right here, right now’ and so prevents the peaceful experience. It only happens if your mind is FULLY present in the moment by your intellect stopping to chase dreams and imagination.

It is also very important to understand that the Satori experience is temporary. I must stress this as it is vital in attaining the state through understanding what it really is. You will not find the key if you are looking for a window to fly out of. The stories speaking of an event in which a person became instantly enlightened lead people to erroneously believe it is a total and permanent transformation. Enlightenment is a momentary experience. You are still the same, however you have been to another place so to speak, and that experience has changed you. As with any experience, you are changed for having had it, but you are still you. Nothing in the world changes, but you see things more clearly.

This is likened to a person who has only ever eaten very tough old beef and thinks that eating beef is similar to chewing on leather. Then they are given the most tender Japanese beef that melts in their mouth. After that, they return to only having the tough beef but know the difference between the tough and the sublime. The tough used to be perfectly fine but is now disgusting.

Another point is that enlightened does not necessarily mean the state of perfected Buddha-hood. There are many levels of enlightenment. The seeker progresses through them one by one, each one being a deeper experience than the previous. You do not go from kindergarten to PhD directly. However when you go from elementary school to high school, you think you are a big shot now, looking down at the kids still in elementary school. Little do you realise how much further you have to go. This is the trap that many people fall into, having had one experience and thinking themselves complete, then stop the work and never actually progress.

Our life demands so much attention. Driving a car for example is a very dangerous action, both for yourself as well as the people you may hit. If you did not pay attention, disasters could occur. Of course while you are driving you are thinking of work, things to do, what you will do when you get to your destination, the song on the radio, and accidents happen. If everyone was present while driving, it would be impossible to have an accident. This is only one example of the things which draw your attention throughout the day and make it impossible to attain the inner state.

If you are willing to accept that the experience of Satori is momentary, temporary and depends on your effort and time spent preparing your mind for that state, you may attain it. Beware that there are real and false experiences. The real one is long lasting and every moment of it remains firmly with you for weeks or perhaps years. The false one is a flash feeling of intense love and unity, yet it passes in a fraction of a second and only a memory of the euphoria you felt remains.

I have also found that it cannot happen at will, circumstances determine experiencing the state. I have not been able to find a pattern other than having the right moment in which I can let go of all attachments and desires. I have felt it in various places such as while walking in nature, as well as in the hectic streets of China and even in a grocery store. Yet at other times in what would appear to be the perfect circumstances, I did not experience it. It is like a combination lock that you are trying to open without knowing the combination. You try every day and then one day you make your attempt with no expectation of success and the lock opens, but you do not know which combination you used.

If you did recall and try to repeat the same combination, it would not work because you are using your intellect which brings your ego and its desire to repeat the experience. Hence the Buddhas teaching that to attain enlightenment you must give up all desires, including the desire for enlightenment.

The process is simple, be fully present without any thoughts of you, what you want, what you must do, anyone you know, care about or dislike. Be totally alone in your thoughts, free, and basically what boils down to a willingness to die right now with no regrets or attachments. Can you become so free of attachments that you can throw your life away as you would toss a dirty tissue, with no regret or thought about it? This has nothing to do with valuing life, rather it is being free of attachments, and the most diabolical one is your sense of your ego existence with all its opinions and desires, wanting so desperately to EXIST! This clutching to life keeps you from experiencing reality. Your life is yours without grasping, and no matter how much you grasp, you will not prevent it from one day being taken away. Deeply understanding this truth can release you from all the thoughts which turn your mind to the world and away from your true nature.

For those who are depressed and do not care to live, you should know that wanting to run away from the world does not equate to wanting to find reality and being free of your attachment to life. A willingness to die out of depression is not true freedom of attachment, it is a desire to release yourself from pain. That desire is as strong as a desire to live and will torment your mind, preventing you from release of your pain.

How many people claim to be religious and search for the eternal life when in reality all they want is to stay alive eternally and avoid death. This is the type of self-lying and hypocrisy which too many people live with yet will deny with their last breath. Of course this also keeps them in their imaginary world rather than progressing towards true enlightenment and unity with The All.

If you think about it, wherever you are right now as you read this, the world is going on around you without your participation. However when you feel that your failure to participate, or get what you like, want or imagine you need will make a difference to you or anyone in any way, then you are not in the peaceful state.

But if you have no thoughts, desires, ideas of anything at all, just being fully present in this moment, then you can get this experience and it will last as long as you are not concerned about anything at all. It is your ego that thinks you have any importance. Bliss is an egoless state.

What really matters, this is the point. In any list that anyone can make, ultimately nothing matters. Yet your ego will convince you of the great importance of so many trivial things that justify your getting very upset about, keeping you tied to negative emotions by not allowing you to see the impermanence and irrelevance of it all. For anyone who is concerned with being more than just a hedonist enjoying the material pleasures of life, there is only one thing that people would ultimately and sincerely feel really matters, their children.

Indeed I understand the emotional connection that parents have, (notice your assumption about my having children) however what really matters about or for your children? Even here, you must ultimately come to the same conclusion for your children as what matters most for you, the experience and a life of total inner peace and contentment. Therefore, your attainment of this is the most valuable gift you can give to your children so you can lead them to it as well. This returns to the same conclusion, ultimately no thing matters.

Your human ego is fighting to be special, to be recognised, acknowledged in some way, to feel worthy. You are taught that many things matter, your value is based on what you value. If nothing matters to you, then you do not matter and are effectively worthless. We all have strong programming to overcome in order to find the reality behind the image.

The world is an image of its creator. (notice your association to religion happening in your mind). There is nothing religious about this, everything is created of atoms. Everything solid can be broken down to the atomic level or converted to energy, therefore nothing is permanently real. We live in our imagination dealing with images rather than explore the true nature, simplicity and vastness, of our mind.

When you give up the illusion that anything matters or that anything will or could be maintained permanently, you will be free. Being fully present, in this moment right here and now, ready to die, but not thinking of dying, without a thought of anything that you desire to have, do, get or avoid, you will be free. If you see this life as it is, transient, then there is nothing to grasp onto. You will experience Bliss and still be here to attend to all the things in your life. A clear change is that nothing bothers you any more, negative emotions have been obliterated.

If you do not get the experience, which is unmistakable, then your mind is still grasping to something. Let go of everything, even your family, there is nothing in the world for you, you are alien to it, you do not belong to this world, you are pure consciousness merely observing thoughts, not that you are observing your thoughts, but that you are thoughts which are observing.

Walk through the grocery store or other shops and listen to the people. What excites them, what do they value, what do they want and feel they must have. Are you the same? Is there anything you must have?

There is a big difference between having possessions and being possessed by your attachment to things. Attachments are not just to material possessions, you are attached to your beliefs and opinions, and that is the attachment that must be cut. You can posses all the money in the world and every item imaginable, and be totally free, or you may possess not a single thing yet be totally bound to the world, thinking you are a pure Fakir.

This is meditation, the stopping of thoughts. You do not really stop your thoughts, as that is impossible as everyone who has tried will know. Your thoughts turn towards simply being present, being aware of your self, knowing that nothing matters, and thus your random thoughts will stop because you are no longer chasing worries and desires. If you stop running, then you are standing still, but you are still you, just not moving.

It has happened when I had to give up what I want to do, or do something for someone else that I do not enjoy rather than doing what I want which could be reading instead of shopping for example. Simply put, when I felt what I was doing was a total waste of time, that was simply my ego giving itself a value that was superior to the task at hand, like a king considering making his own cup of tea, how tragic that would be! At the moment of that thought, I realised, not thought, the emptiness of my ego’s value and became fully present, and the experience occurred.

When you share a bowl of cherries with a dear friend, do you deliberately select the best ones for yourself, or the worst? Or, do you even think! If you select the lesser ones because that is the ‘right’ thing to do, does the thought that you deserve the better ones, or why should you always take the lesser of everything, or how good or spiritual you are for doing so reach your mind, even for such a fleeting moment you barely notice the thought? It is there, you are your ego, you are not free, YOU exist and WANT. That binds you.

Does it matter if you get the best pick of the fruit, will that change your life in any way? This is the question to ask when there is something you desire. “Will this change my life in any significant way?” This thing you desire, and the desire itself, is what you trade for enlightenment.

Normal life is a waste of time, and time is too precious to be wasted. You know this but resist it so you can function without getting depressed as you provide for the necessities of the body. Ironically, accepting this truth then doing all the normal things while keeping your mind present and free IS the method.

When you know the outcome of something, you can relax and deal with it. This is called living in truth instead of lies and illusions.   If you live in truth and reality, then you are master of your life, but if you live in illusions, you are a prisoner to fear and worry because you subconsciously know that there is something else really going to happen other than what you believe and so in a way are always looking behind your back like a thief waiting to get caught.

Why worry. Read it as a statement, saying, ‘why worry’ rather than a question asking why you should worry.  It has a very different meaning and the difference is between being a prisoner of fear going in circles in your intellect and being totally free.

Death is however a very real thing to consider, but who dies? Your ego personality dies. You claim to know your essence is eternal, but that is not your essence who makes that claim. Rather it is your ego who says this but is promptly cut short of completing the sentence because of the tricks of your mind, so I shall complete it for you. “I know my essence is eternal and will live forever, but I will not!”

When you realise the pointlessness of all that binds you from bliss, that does not mean you will be free, to see the bars does not equate to freedom. Distaste does not negate desire, strange as that is. You cannot be free by running away from the items of attraction because you are taking your greatest possession with you, your ego. Still your mind by being present and find it, then cut your ties and you will be free anywhere you are.

A practice to incorporate in your life is to view each breath as your last throughout the day then go to sleep as if you will not wake up again. Do these things with contentment. Have no regrets or attachments. There is nothing left to do. You are finished here, you cannot keep anything and what is left is no longer yours, it is someone else’s. Have not the slightest thread of thought about anything at all in this world. All there is is pure light that has no source. But you must do this with full presence of mind, not some dreamy drifting state.

Every moment, simply do what is in front of you to be done in the simplest most obvious and direct way without any imagination.

Your mind is a conglomeration of thoughts and memories, in itself, it does not exist. Mind is like a dustball, the ball itself is only a collection of dust and hairs held together by static electricity. Remove each part and what is left? Then where did the electricity go? It has merged back with its source waiting for more dust to accumulate and hold them together. What can you really be then, other than this electrical energy.

Thoughts are things like prickle weeds called Cocklebur. They stick to your cloths as you walk through the field. As the years pass, you become covered in Cocklebur, but that is not you, you are not them. But you believe yourself to be a Cocklebur bush. If you remove all the Cockleburs, what is left? Nothing. Now I ask you, what is your mind? This is the meaning of All IS Mind.

You cannot train and hone your skills in complete isolation.
You cannot learn to fight in the middle of a battle.
How can you become Free?
Let your body be in battle,
But keep your mind in isolation.

How does one keep ones body in battle
And mind in isolation?
Violent emotions are like wild horses
They run away with your thoughts
And kill your body.
To rule your world requires a firm mind
Holding the reigns and controlling the horses.

How does one learn to hold the reigns and Control the horses?
By studying in isolation
And practicing in battle.

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