How To Know Good From Bad

What is the right decision? What should I choose? Is black better than white? These are the type of questions that torment us daily, because both sides have good and bad effects. This article is not as much about determining how to make choices as it is about understanding subtle qualities, which in turn helps you make better decisions.

In an equilateral triangle, determine which side of the bottom line is better, left or right? But before you answer, you must have a valid reason for your decision, not just a guess. Give it some thought and come up with a valid reason that anyone would have to agree with. Something that it is so compelling, no one could dispute as to why the point on the left or right is better than the other.

Take as long as you need, even years if you have to, this is a difficult problem to solve.

If we draw a line from each of the points upwards in a 45 degree angle towards each other, we will form an equilateral triangle where the lines join.The top point is the point of true understanding, where the two opposites meet in perfect balance.

That balance comes when we do not see one side as better than the other.

When we have the true understanding that there is no good or bad, and we work with both in harmony without duality, at that point we reach the middle point, which is where the triangle forms rather than two opposing points on a line, and then we have the prefect balance of mind, body and soul.

Understanding this principle opens the mind to creativity because it no longer sees things in duality. In this diagram, we have shown how all opposing points will naturally converge. When they do they reach balance, which is the point of settlement or termination of conflict. If we view the opposing points from subjective personal views, then one side will be stronger and a destructive process will ensue. The triangle will be formed when the conflict is resolved, but it may be far from equilateral and balanced.

When the perfect balance is formed, then the reciprocal comes into being. This is the law of balance. For everything that exists, it’s opposite must also exist, to give balance in nature.

The Hermetic principle of ‘As above, so below’ indicated that if a thing of perfect balance comes to be in the material world, then it’s equal in perfect balance would be formed in the spiritual realm, and vice versa.

Only perfection can create a perfect equilateral triangle. Humans do not have that ability, and we always get involved and change things instead of leaving them alone, that is our nature. Thus, nothing ever seems to make a perfect triangle, there is always a little lean to the left or right.

This principle is proven by all the things which have been created and seen as perfect or wonderful, and then improved upon, or used to create new things. The creation of something gives rise to new mental creations, which materialize into new inventions as we see that it is not perfect. If you take anything in our modern world, you will find that it exists only because there was something that was invented which when it was improved upon created something new.

Start with the line and a ball at each end. Contemplate which is better. Eventually you will find that all things have good and bad points, that is the first stage of realization from this exercise. Continue doing it and eventually you will realize that nothing has good or bad points, since good and bad are relative comparisons.   Everything is just a starting point for you to move from.

Eventually you will come to realize that nothing is good or bad, everything simply is, and all we need to do is find how to use it in a way that transforms or guides it in a direction which intersects with the line of it’s opposite so that the perfect equilateral balance is formed.

In this way we can unify our conflicts and effectively resolve all confusion even before it begins.

To be good at anything you must be good at its opposite.

The quality or level of your skill or mastery of anything, is directly proportional in your ability of its opposite. To be a great leader, you must be an excellent follower.

In this way you develop perfect balance.

A person in perfect balance can be the best of everything.

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