How To Purify Your Mind And Heart

It is very important to remove all negative emotions, and that means also remove all negative memories, if you want a peaceful life.

People rarely consider how a negative memory from long ago can effect and destroy their energy for the rest of their life. This is why it is so important to find and remove all negative memories, regardless of what they are from, about or how old they are. A memory you think about today is as good as having happened today.

There are many things that are happening in our mind that we do not realize, and they slowly destroy us or at least limit us.

For your own sake, for your own mind, heart and future, let go of all bad illusions, lies and memories, even the ones that you consider real or valid. Of course you will have the memories of the bad things that happened to you but, if you can accept that we are all flawed beings and will make mistakes, you included, that helps to let go and purify your heart.

When the heart is dirty with lies or negative emotions and memories, the mind cannot be calm. If the mind is not calm, the soul will never be set free. If the soul is not free, the potential to feel deep and pure love is almost impossible, and spiritual progress is certainly out of the question.

Self-lies cause negative emotions, so we have to work on both, stopping the lies and cleaning the memories. Objectively, all negative emotions are based on some form of distortion of an event by seeing it only from your point of view.

When we try to work on not lying, and also work on letting go of negative emotions by repairing any damage we have done as best we can, and also by seeing and accepting that our negative emotions are based on thoughts that are not always objective and accurate, we heal our heart. We all know how memories fade or stretch and get worse, over time.

This goes for everything about what you think of yourself as well as what you think of anyone that you have a negative memory about. Of course, some of those bad people in your past are bad and we will not try to change that, other than remember that the snake that bites your hand is only doing it because it thinks it is right, even if it kills you.

If we could release every negative thought and memory I think we would be able to be enlightened very quickly because our mind can rest and only in that state, can we truly meditate.

Find all your negative memories, perhaps you went to a country and had a bad trip, or had a fight with someone and have not spoken to them since, maybe you went on a boat and it was a terrible trip, anything that you have a bad memory about.

Go back there, meet them again, go on another boat trip, do whatever it is to replace the last memory from being bad to being good or at least neutral. In this way, your memories all become good and you will find your heart and mind are lighter.

This is a way to live that is very spiritual really. Meditating every day with a dirty heart and mind that recalls many bad memories is not being spiritual. Cleaning your heart even if you do not meditate, will do a lot more for your soul.

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