How To React To A Verbal Attack

Everything in your life will change to become positive when you can take every word of apparent criticism as an objective statement of fact without emotion and not feel hurt or attacked.

When you do this, you will not get emotionally distraught. Rather, you will take any comment about your personality and character in the same way as if someone said you are tall, or short, or thin, or you have no hair, or a big nose. Those are statements of fact even though they are that persons relative opinion.

When you make the comments personal, you become emotional and go into a self-destructive imaginary world. Likewise, if you have a lower IQ, no education or limited skills, to have that pointed out is the same as pointing out your height or something about your body.

When you can take everything that objectively, you will never feel hurt again because objective means it is either true or it’s not.

If you have a PhD and someone says you are uneducated, you cannot be insulted because you take it as an objective statement which is totally false. So there is no emotional value.

By the same principle, if you are uneducated and lived your life in a little remote village, and someone says you are uneducated and know nothing about the world, that is also true, it’s simply a statement of fact and has nothing to do with your worthiness as a person.

When it does become personal, is when someone says they do not like you because you are uneducated or unskilled. Now it is an attack against you personally, and frankly if someone dislikes you for how tall or short you are, or how well you are educated, then they are not really worth being your friend anyway.

Even when it is an attack against your personality or you personally, rather than something physical and objective, you can still remain balanced and not get emotionally distraught because the statement becomes irrelevant due to the person making the statement being a shallow idiot who is unworthy of respect.

When you react emotionally to someone, that means you respect them. So if you respect them, then take what they say objectively and do something about it instead of just crying and wallowing in self-pity.

It’s really simple. Just follow the first ethic on Take full responsibility for everything, including your emotions. If it’s true, then do something about it. If it’s not true, then just ignore the arrogant idiot who does not know the truth and thinks he does.

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