How To Understand What God Is

If you want to understand what God is, the Original Being, Creator of all creation, without making it into some individual being like the religious view of God, we can use the concept of As above, so below.

This give us the method to understand what the original beginingless beginning, creator of all things created, God, is by looking at something in this world to understand something beyond this world that performs the same purpose but on a vastly larger scale.

We must use an analogy that we can comprehend with our limited human mind, and that is Air.

Air is everywhere. If we take a child’s mind, meaning pure and not intellectual or scientific; you cannot define air, you cannot contain it, create it or destroy it, it is simply there, everywhere.

Air does not have a personality, it is not an individual being, it does not care who breaths it or if no one breaths it. Our lungs breath in air, mixes it with blood, and then flows through our body and gives us life.

By virtue of air being able to be used as a type of food to give us life, proves that air is alive,  because if air was dead, our body could not use it to create something vital for us to live. Yet although alive, it does not speak or do anything. It simply is what it is, and is able to be used to give life.

For the purpose of this exercise, we can thus say that air is like God in the analogy that it is the source of our existence yet undefinable and totally objective as to being acknowledged or not, it continues to offer life.

Forget the chemical or scientific analysis and stick to the analogous concept to prove the point of how to understand God. We can define air as our source of life and creation, because without air, nothing would live. Take air and our life on earth as the ‘below’, as the creation of the creator, and you can see the concept of what God is as the ‘Above’ to all things in creation.

Contemplate what is air. Can you contain it, control it, separate it from helping some beings and not others. Now, replace air with God in how all things are given life.

Now you can understand God in the Taoist view as explained in Tao Te Ching, or the GodHead concept in Buddhism, a totally impersonal, objective source of all life that is undefinable and uncontainable. You cannot grasp or see or demand it to do your bidding, and yet it provides all things with life.

It simply is, and does not really care about you, but it is there to be used. If you breath deeply and take it in consciously, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pranayama and other methods of spiritual, physical and mental cultivation show us that simply by breathing consciously we can improve our health and mental awareness.

Isn’t that what we all ask God to do for us? See God as you see air, and learn to see how powerfully important and yet aloof at the same time, air really is.

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