Human Love And Mystical Love

In this world everything must have its opposite to exist. Therefore, human (temporal) love prevents mystical realization because to have human love means its opposite must exist which is negative emotions.

Negative emotions are what prevent pure mystical love. This is why I say that mystical or real love is nothing at all like human love, it is different as it has no opposite.

Practices that open the heart to feel love, if not done correctly, only continue to maintain negative emotions since as one aspect of mortal life grows, so does its opposite.

Real love is non dual, therefore we cannot feel it the way we feel human love. It only happens when there are no longer two opposing forces in your mind.

This is the problem with the human system as it gives you scars, pains, negative emotions and fears as you grow up and then you live in the world of opposites which prevents any chance of spiritual realization and unity.

We must work on building real love, but first we must understand what type of love that is or we will build the wrong kind of love in the search of freedom and in the end just trap ourselves further by the negative emotions that come with that temporal kind of love.

Spiritual experience is non dual, so to feel it we must remove duality and opposites. That means that we must remove negative emotions, which includes fears and inhibitions.

The method is very complex and requires a drastic change in the personality as every personality is formed in duality with false ideas.

Allow your heart to be free. The soul is in the area of your chest where the heart is. By allowing your soul to be free from your body, that feels like the heart since it is emotional.

To completely let go, you also are letting go of your hold on life, willing to die for that love. Because we hold on to our life, for fear of death, and so never let our heart truly open.

This is why the contemplation of death is so important, knowing that this will happen and there is no need to fear since fear will not prevent it from happening. Be willing to die, then you can let your heart open and your soul leave your body. The problem is our thoughts are out of control, and keep us asleep.

How can we control our thoughts? By keeping our mind focused on the subject of pure love.

Emotions are stronger than intellect. If an emotion is strong, it will keep the mind focused. We prove this by having fears and emotions that contradict reality even when we know it is wrong or imaginary. Fears and negative thoughts will do that as easily as love. Having someone you love is the way to keep the mind focused, even if that someone is a spiritual concept.

Someone said; “The most boring person is someone in love because that is all they talk about.”

Finding a person to love is not easy, but spiritual seekers all innately seek that for the subconscious reason of keeping the mind focused. We just get confused with finding a human to love and then get attached which defeats the purpose.

It is all for love of God but how to love God which is inconceivable? We need a human to love to get the emotion moving then if we have trained to release our attachments enough, the human love converts to mystical love. The more you are in love, the more your thoughts will be focused and not drift.

Negative emotions keep the mind focused by keeping it drifting so that you do not focus on your pain. Distraction is really focus in this way, it is just focussing for a very short time and then moving to another thing to focus on for a short time.

We must constantly think of who we love, even if it is a pet or person in a dream, keep the mind focused on the one you love at all times to build that love as strong as possible. Then keep in mind the love of what is permanent and really matters to you.

This is nothing necessarily religious, but using these concepts, we may develop a pure love which means we can finally love a person purely and deeply. Start with love of a person, then expand that to love of the angels or spiritual companions. Then let that expand to love of God, and your progress and deepening selfless love will annihilate your selfish ego.

It is this process of loving what cannot be conceived which helps you release the material attachments that inhibit love to be pure since all things of material concern are connected to the self and lesser ego. Only by releasing our grasp on our individuality in this way will we merge with our higher self.

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