I Am Me, But I Am Not Me

This  is the secret to balancing the never ending pursuit of self-improvement without having low-self esteem, self-hatred and negative emotions.

Objectively speaking, the human being is quite frankly not something to be proud of. our body is very delicate and very dirty in many ways. It eats and desires things that harm others and the planet.

Our ego is only tempered by a peaceful life, but even Bill Gates with all his apparent generosity and charity would kill and steal if he was penniless and had to feed and house his wife and child.

That is just part of being human.  We can be disgusted with ourself and use that as inspiration to change, but remember, there is something in you that sees all that you are.

That ‘thing’ is not you. But of course it is you, the two cannot be separated as far as anyone believes. I am saying, they actually are separate.

Knowing that separation allows you to see yourself in all your horrible flaws, and at the same time be free from self-hatred.

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