I Have a Dream

It is a common dream, many people have it, but I have achieved it for many years on a small scale. I would now like to make my dream grow. I have built and had a successful school of this nature in Colorado, but I left that country and now live in New Zealand where I would like to rebuild it.

I have purchased the property in Auckland to build the school on, and will sell my house to put towards the building of this new school, in all I have put in $1,500,000 of my own money.

The property is quite large and borders a reserve, just a few hundred meters from the estuary. It is in a very quiet and peaceful neighborhood in the city, making it very accessible and a refreshing haven within minutes from most parts of the city.

It is large enough to have our own outdoor Kyudo (Zen Archery) range, and a large garden to grow organic produce for the schools consumption.

The plan is to build a home which will also serve as a school, being in a residential area. The main hall will be able to hold 100 people and be used for Tai Chi and internal martial arts training as well as an indoor Kyudo range for rainy weather.

This school offers people a place to come daily to practice their skills towards their personal development, both passive and active meditations. We will also hold talks three evenings per week which provides a regular spiritual, emotional and intellectual food while satisfying the need for social interaction with sincerely like minded people.

A balance is required for the city dwellers. Most people desire a spiritual retreat and life, yet will stay living in the city for whatever reason. This leaves them little time to spend, if they can find a place, with a fully balanced and integrated group.

In order to make a spiritual school in modern times successful, it must have its own home, weekly meetings in a rented location simply does not build the necessary atmosphere. This home for the school will be open every day to the members, so at any day of the week, there is a place you can retreat to, close enough to always be convenient.

Imagine a place that is in nature, virtually silent from city noises, by the sea, lush and green, where you could come every day if you choose, practice meditation and other spiritual arts, listen to lectures on various mystical traditions and how to integrate them into your normal life, meet and spend your time with sincere, like minded, independent, strong willed people focused on the same goal, not a flock of sheep, yet in a school held together by an experienced hub of the wheel, and all this in minutes from your home, without requiring any form of commitment or obligation other than respect, leaving you free to choose your way of living.

I have spent my life searching for such a place, 20 years of travel around the world, in the East and West, and have not found such a place. I have created it in the past and now wish to re-create it on a larger scale.

However, to develop the property and build the building, an additional $2,000,000 is required. I will continue to contribute as I make more money but it will work much quicker if other people help. It is for this project that I hope to receive your donations of any amount to create a place of quality in a perfect environment which can set a standard for people who live in the material world to see that a perfect balance is possible and can be replicated anywhere that enough people join together in the right spirit of devotion and sincerity.

Thank you

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