I Think, Therefore I Am

Law of Attraction – Mind Series

Your mind is a conglomeration of thoughts and memories, in itself, it does not exist. Mind is like a dustball, the ball itself is only a collection of dust held together by static electricity. Remove each spec of dust and what is left? Nothing. Then where did the electricity go? It has merged back with its source waiting for more dust to accumulate and hold them together. What can you really be then, other than this electrical energy.

Thoughts are things like prickle weeds called Cocklebur. They stick to your clothes as you walk through the field. As the years pass, you become covered in Cocklebur, but that is not you, you are not them. But you believe yourself to be a Cocklebur bush. If you remove all the Cockleburs, what is left? Nothing. Now I ask you, what is your mind? This is the meaning of All IS Mind.

What is the real cause of this, or anything.  That is where the solution is found.  but finding the real cause is not easy, the human mind is a very tricky and complex machine, and objectively speaking, it appears to have planned obsolescence built in,  it is a self destructive machine.

We can see our bodies have a design that makes them wear out and die in time, and our mind is the same.

Your body, your mind and you are not one being.  Humans are actually several parts or beings all mixed up in one package, known as the body and personality, and we then identify ourselves as one being.  this is the mistake that helps the process of self destruction continue.

Let us separate our parts now.  The body is a machine, an animal ruled by nature.  It will grow, live and die all on its own due to the natural process of life.   That is simple, so we can leave that alone for now.

Next we have the soul, if you believe in anything of that nature.  let us call the soul that thing which leaves the body at the time of death.  When a person dies of ‘natural causes’ or any reason that the doctors cannot explain, we can say that the ‘soul’ left. For now, we can call the soul that spark of life that keeps us alive.

Next, we come to the real problem of life, the personality, also called the lesser ego or Nafs.

The ego, also called your mind, which is the word we will use in this article, is the thing that all your thoughts and experiences and opinions are housed in.

As the sun holds the planets in place, and the planets hold their moons in place, and the force that holds all the stars and planets in place in the galaxy we are in called the milky way, there is some force that brings things together in what was previously empty space.

Do this little exercise.  Look at the milky way, and see that band of stars all collected in our galaxy.  then think about removing each one of those stars and planets.  what would be left?

Nothing, just space.

That is what we are, nothing, just empty space. We get form through all the experiences we have in life, which spur our thoughts and form our opinions.  Take those away, and you, your mind that makes you who you are, is nothing really.

Take another look at the night sky.  How much appears to be empty space? Without any of the stars in the galaxy, is it really nothing?  In fact, it is everything.

What makes a beautiful painting?  Start with a blank canvas. What makes a tea cup useful?  The empty space inside.

The emptiness is the beauty and the foundation of all things and so being nothing is a concept that we perceive as negative when in fact it is the greatest of beauty and the foundation that holds all things together.

In the galaxy, we can see the beauty of the stars,  but what about walking through a field and your pants and socks get covered in these prickle weeds. Then you have to pick them out one by one.

Each of those prickles is a thought.  Some good some bad.
Each of those stars in our galaxy is also a thought.
Just two ways of looking at it.

If there are enough prickles or stars, then a mass is formed.  That is you.

If you take time to consider this, eventually you will see each thought, or fear as a prickle, and then you will be able to remove it.

Our problem is that we do not see our thoughts for what they are, just things that we keep with us. As the sun holds the planets in place with gravity, so too, we hold our fears in place, orbiting in our lives, through thought, a magnetic force working like gravity.

Please read an article I posted on entrepreneurmonk.com about The Law of Attraction is an Electro Magnet, the concept is very relevant to this discussion.

Although your problem is very real, in reality it is not.  It is all in your mind.   This is not meant to disregard your feelings, saying it is in your imagination and not real,  but rather that it is real, but still, it is all in your mind. Your mind starts as empty space in the newborn child that records through its experiences thoughts, desires and fears that need a place to sit, that place is your mind.

Given that all is in your mind, and that each thought or fear is a prickle that you can remove as easily as some velcro strap, you have the potential to change. Certainly I am not saying that it is so easy, but in fact it is. It is a simple process but difficult to do.

Going back to the child, if you tell a 5 year old to pick up a 50 pound bag and it is impossible, but for a strong man, it is easy, the difference is simply the time and effort it took for the man to build his muscles.

I suggest you look at the night sky, night after night, for half an hour or so, give it time, and all the while, contemplate how the milky-way is only what it is due to those little dots of light, and if you removed them, then it would be like other parts of the sky that seem completely empty.

Go for a walk in the field and get those prickly weeds all over your pants and socks,  then sit down and remove them slowly one by one.

In both these exercises, for day and night, with each prickle or star that you remove, know that you are also removing a fear, a bad memory, a bad habit. It does not matter what the memory or thought or habit is that you are removing,  it is the principle, that you are only an accumulation of these things and you can remove them.

THEY ARE NOT YOU! You are only that thing which they stick to, until you remove them. When they are all gone, you will discover You.

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