Is The Law Of Attraction Really That All Pervading

Most proponents of the Law of Attraction argue that you attract everything into your life. This view makes it hard to explain events such as the death of a loved one. People say that my view of ‘logic to life’ makes more sense but it hardly makes life spiritual in the way most people think of spirituality, that life is some kind of test.

My views are indeed a bit different than the common views. They are based on my personal experiences and the experiences of my students. I will tell you how I have come to discover this path.

When I was a very young man, I was in a Sufi Tekkia in Turkey and I asked the wise old Sheikh about the logical mind and how it gets in the way of one’s experiencing purely through the heart.

He replied to me; “God is not stupid. God does not do anything for no reason. If God gave you a logical mind USE IT!”

And so in my path, we apply logic to all thoughts and teachings because as it is said in the Hermetica, a teaching of over 3,000 years old, “Beware, there are many false teachers out there.”

So about the Law, you must test this law, like everything else you read or hear, to see if it is true. Perhaps you have only been given the ‘nice’ part and the difficult meat has been taken out to make it more digestible but less nutritious.

You mention the death of a loved one. To you that person is a loved one, but to another that is just a stranger who they did not know died or lived. Death is nature, and you cannot say you have attracted death to your life. That is saying you have a power that even God does not use, to prevent death from occurring when nature calls.

And so it is illogical as well as rather arrogant to say that we do and can attract anything and everything. That is of course a drastic example, but on a more current topic, if you lost your job, are you the one who is to blame for the economic collapse?

And so, we do not attract everything, but we can attract many things if we use the power of our mind and the laws of nature in harmony and correctly. I stress correctly please.

My view is truly spiritual. My experiences in my life and day to day are primarily on that level, but it is a question of what one calls spiritual.

I do not agree that life is a test. I would say life is a challenge. Perhaps you may call it a contest between you and yourself and nature.

Yes, three of you are in this challenge. Nature provides the obstacle course, which is sometimes a maze and she keeps moving the walls. You and yourself are teammates running through this course. But like all teammates, even on the spiritual realm in the energetic worlds, entities and people and ones own fragments fight with each other from time to time.

You and yourself are tied together like a three legged race. When you are in harmony you move quickly forward, when you fight, you go nowhere or trip and fall.

So it is not a test, in the end, everyone’s body dies, everyone’s spirit continues. What is the test when the outcome is already determined?

From my view, our experiences of life are spiritual in that we must see the parts of our being, human and spiritual, harmonize them by developing an awareness of all our parts, correct our personality and mental flaws, and then move forward.

When the bell rings and our time to leave the body comes, wherever you are in the course of life is where you are. Certainly it is nicer if you have progressed further and have greater awareness of the spiritual realm, or at least have lived a life in harmony and love without negative emotions of anger and fear. A test means you fail or succeed. In truth, you just finish where you are.

Why should we live with the pressure of this being a giant exam? That makes so much pressure that you will never be able to relax enough to allow your discovery of what you really are. And so to believe life and all events are a test, is to almost ensure that you will not succeed in your spiritual goals of realization of your true nature and God.

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