Is Your Goal A Desire Or To End An Aversion

So many people are confused as to why they do not get all of their goals. Sometimes they succeed at some goals but not others. This article will explain why that is.

Movement is always two fold, you move towards something and away from something at the same time. The same principle applies to goals and desires.

There are far more goals that are never achieved than there are ones that we do get. Perhaps the reason is that the goal you have is only a reverse image of what you really want, which is to just get away from what you do have.

A simple expression of this concept is if you live in a cold climate and want to go somewhere warm, the reason is not only that you want to go to a warm place, but that you want to get away from the cold.

If you want a companion, that is because you do not want to be lonely. If you want to eat, that is because you feel hunger pain and do not want to feel the pain or are feeling weak and want energy. Ultimately, it is not about wanting to eat at all.


Try an exercise of examining every goal and desire you have, and consider honestly if you really want what you think you want, or is it that you want to end or change something else, and this is merely the distraction or possible solution.

There is a big difference between a solution to a problem and a sincere desire. This distinction is the reason some goals are achieved and others not.

In order to achieve your goal, it has to be very clear in your mind. If you only think your goal is to get something but do not see that it is actually to get away from something else, then you will not succeed because you are not being honest with yourself.

It also means that the so called goal you have in mind is only one of many possibilities of changing the current situation. Therefore, your subconscious is not fully focused on this one goal, because it is open to other solutions.

In order for the principles of law of attraction or manifestation which call upon forces that we can sometimes call miraculous to function, our mind and thoughts must have certain qualities, which are:

1      Perfect clarity in every detail of the goal.

2     A sincere and selfless reason to achieve the goal. This means the goal must serve something greater than some temporary hedonistic pleasure.

3     A burning desire and willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve the goal, whatever sacrifices must be made, and to give in exchange for what you will get.

Basically, if you are not achieving your goal, you do not really want what you think you want. Rather, you want to change what you have. And so your imagined goal is not really a burning desire.

But, if you know that the real goal is to change a current or a future feared situation, then your mind will open to see many other possibilities rather than be fixed on the current goal you think you have which may be like jumping from one fire into another.

With that open and honest view of reality, you may discover an effective solution that may be something you never thought of before. That is a goal you will achieve.

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