Learn How to See with Your Mind, Develop the Ability to Ponder

The ability to think creatively is developed with exercise, otherwise it dies off. Our world makes all things far to simple and so this ability is rapidly atrophying. All we do is push a button and it is done.

I am sure we have all had experiences of the following sort…. I returned an item to a store. Due to not having the original receipt, the cashier could only issue a credit note rather than a cash refund, which I gladly accepted. I asked if the note ever expired and she replied; “No, it never expires, but you have to use it within one year.”

Thinking is not part of our educational system. This is why it is so difficult for people to understand the concept of pondering, which I have written about in previous lessons, and therefore your ability to reach a higher level of focus, inner calm, peace and balance, along with developing higher mental capacities.

In order to keep the creative, pondering, exploring faculties strong, I suggest this exercise.

Put a selection of small things in a bag, a backpack or something like that. It is even better if someone else puts in the selection of things so you do not know what they all are.

There should be several things of similar size and shape along with things of different sizes.

Without looking, put your hand in the bag and search for one thing you know is there. Use your mind to see through your hand without your eyes.

Another exercise is to determine what each thing is. For this, one person puts in their selection and writes a list of the items, keeps that list hidden from you, and you do not know what any of those items are.

You then try to determine what each item is, not having seen the list, and therefore not knowing how many items you are searching for. You will naturally touch the same item a few times, so it is not easy to know how many things there really are. There should be at least 10 things, maybe 20, but you do not know the number. That is part of the exercise, what and how many.

When you have determined that you know what each item is, and that you have located all the items, having written them down on a list as you found each one, then compare your discovery list to the reality.

Did you get them all right or did you miss any.

Repeat as often as possible with different items of course.

This is excellent for adults who are interested in increasing their mental capacities and as a fun game to play with kids. It will help them develop their mental capacities and become far better adults.

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