Life Is Like A Game Of Chess

There are many good hearted people who just cannot seem to get ahead in life. Every time they are saving some money or moving forward, someone comes along who needs help and being soft hearted, they drain their savings to help out. Sadly the people they help are in perpetual need, and so they perpetually struggle and never succeed in fulfilling their dreams. This article presents an analogy of how to deal with this and break out of your habitual pattern.

The game is between two players who do not really care about the pieces on the board, they just want to play the game and win.  We humans are the pieces, but we are alive and so the pieces can think.

The trick to this game of human chess is that you have to distract the opponent’s pieces so your pieces can stab them in the back. The two people playing the game are very creative and use any trick they can to distract us and make us turn away from heading in the right direction so they can attack us.

In this game, if any of the pieces make it to the other side, all the pieces come back to life.

So, when one of our fellow pieces falls, we care but are not deeply concerned because we know that if we let them fall and we keep moving forward, when we succeed in getting to the other side, they will all come back to life.

Being a game that uses humans as the pieces, it may be generations of humans they go through playing this game. You as a piece on this board game of life must know that the pawns and pieces of the next generation are young kids today. Looking forward, remember that the kids who are future adults will live a life that depends on what influences they experience as kids today.

If you can devote yourself to the kids of today, knowing that anyone who falls beside you, and even if you fall on your way, that in the end, you have increased the chances for you and everyone else to come back to life by helping the future generation become smarter and stronger pieces in the game.

Now, in a more realistic sense, we live and die in our emotions, long before our body dies. So as you accept what must be done in this game, both as one of the pieces on the board and also as one of the two players in control of all the pieces, meaning all the people in your life, you can make the decisions that are best for the long term future.

This means that you do what you must, and accept that people will be hurt in their heart, and you in yours as you feel pain for their pain, but at the same time as feeling that pain, you know that it is like any illness or injury. In time it will heal and you and everyone will be better off for having had the experience, and then there will be understanding and with that, wisdom.

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