Live To Change, This Is What Life Is All About

Change what you are today, or what you were when you first realized that you are not as perfect as you could be, into someone better tomorrow. This is a really worthwhile point and reason for life.

So many people cannot find a point to life, seeing life as futile or simply just are not excited or motivated by anything. Even if you do enjoy life and all is good, simply live to change, that is plenty to do and a very worthwhile life. It does not matter how much you change, but THAT you change is all that counts.

You must change for YOU, not for someone else, even if changing for someone else is your motivation, ultimately it is all about what you become.

To make you a different person for your own sake, not just for another person, is to change deeper than just on the surface which disappears when they are gone. If you change for you, because that is all there is in life to do, then you will be strong no matter what happens in your life.

This is the way to be an emotionally independent, powerful, confident person.

Life is not a holiday or game, life is all for one reason, for us to change. If we were born perfect, there would be nothing to change, so no point.

Change of our personality is an exercise that builds a muscle, and it is this muscle that is the essence of our being. It is this muscle that this world exists to develop by the exercise of change. It does not matter what we are or what we become, what matters is that we change what we are into something different, hopefully better of course.

Changing your life can burn like a fire that will cook you if you stay in the frying pan. But if you jump out of the pan before you are cooked because you cannot take the heat, you fall in the fire and get burnt. Stick it out, stay in the pan, get cooked through the pain and heat of the challenge and turn that inwards into a fuel and energy which motivates you to change yourself into one who is different than who you are right now.

We are all filled with flaws, change the core of your personality and everything in your life will change with it, always for the better.

Find the real flaws in your personality, for example selfishness, greed, disrespect and choose the qualities you would like to have, patience, compassion, objectivity, an open mind (a real open mind, not the one you imagine you have).

Give your life purpose by developing virtues and eliminating negative qualities, this is a life worth living.

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