Making A Movie About My Work

I would like to make a movie about the principles of the All Is Mind course, the way the human mind/machine functions and the principles of what I teach and of course, how to change that.

It would be in a similar style perhaps to Michael Moore.

If anyone is a professional in the field of film making, I need a good writer, director and director of photography.

I want this to be a professional project, something  good enough to get as much attention as Michael Moore, or The Secret, although the target audience is different.

That is why I need the right professionals to help produce and direct this film as I have the knowledge but I admit I do not have the prefect presentation style to make it a success.

It would probably need to be done in multiple countries to show that the topics are a human condition rather than cultural.

If anyone has the professional skills and would like to work on this project with me, please do contact me, or feel free to pass this message around to find anyone who is the right person.

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