Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, Or Does It?

There are many lies in the world that are meant to keep you limited and destroy your ambition. One of the big ones is; ‘money doesn’t buy happiness.’ The way this article turned out, I would like to ask you, if you do not like what you are reading, just read the last three paragraphs, and then you may see that this is not what it appears.

This is meant to make you feel that money is not worth striving for because money will not make you happy. But the whole truth, although that first sentence is true, the whole truth is that money does alleviate about 99.9% of your problems.

If you list all the problems you have in your life, and in the lives of almost everyone alive, try to find anything that having enough money would not fix.

If you eliminate your problems, you will be happier because happiness is a natural state, and problems disturb the natural state as wind disturbs a still lake. By eliminating the problems in your life, the natural state will return, which is peace and happiness.

Therefore, money does buy happiness by virtue of it buying the solution to your problems.

I know, many people are saying how rich people are still unhappy, or that you have some problems money cannot solve.

My response is that you just have not thought hard enough and with an open enough mind to see how money can solve just about anything. Rich people still suffer for a similar reason poor people suffer, because they create so many other problems for themselves, wanting more and more, never having enough. Wanting more does not change regardless of how much you have.

This is quite interesting because it shows how humans love to suffer. If you get one problem fixed, you find something else to worry about. For example, if you are in perfect health, you buy insurance and live in a country with good medical care just in case you get sick even if you can move somewhere you like better.

I am talking about someone smart enough to have enough money to solve their problems and wise enough to be satisfied with what they have.

If your problem is you are single and lonely, money can make you more physically attractive with a new wardrobe or other material ways. It allows you the freedom not to have to work so you can spend time taking care of your nutrition and exercise to be in better shape and more attractive. It allows you to travel and join events to meet more interesting people, or devote yourself to a charity where you can meet other people who are also more sincere than materialists in business.

But most importantly, it makes you feel free and confident so your whole energy and aura is more attractive rather than someone who is miserable because they have to slave at a job to pay the bills.

If everyone thought this way, we would all be striving much harder to achieve success and take that seriously, take our life seriously, so we could get that freedom. Thus we would not be able to be controlled and do the menial tasks that need to be done in this world, and that would be a problem for everyone.

‘Money can’t buy happiness’ is a very common saying that shows us how there is so much subtle manipulation in so many thoughts and beliefs in our world which control us. This, as I often say, happens through our religious and cultural beliefs, concepts which are long outdated and created for our manipulation rather than our benefit. Which is of course another lie, telling you that it is for your own good.

Be humble, the meek shall inherit the earth, it’s easier to pass a rope through the eye of a needle than a rich man getting into heaven, on and on it goes. Be poor, be simple, and just do your menial job and collect the rubbish, sweep the floors, be a servant to the rich.

Imagine a world in which no one would work in garbage collection? That one simple job is the most vital task for our cities being able to function and not become a stinking, dirty, disease breeding ground. Who would serve the clients in the restaurant, or wash the dishes?

I have chosen this one saying as the example, but please do consider everything, every saying that is so called, in your best interest.  Basically I am telling you to doubt and examine objectively every single thing your parents, society and especially religions have taught. Especially the ones that they say are for your own good because they love you so much.

You must examine every single opinion and belief you have in such a thorough manner that you find the truth about it instead of leaving it as a half truth and not seeing the other half which is the lie. Only this way can you find true freedom.

The end result is that you will discover the whole truth, which does not mean you will find everything to be a lie, although you may, but you will find the second half of the saying, and then the puzzle becomes complete, and that puzzle is actually a road map to freedom, success, happiness, love, spirituality and, emotional freedom.

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly can alleviate almost every problem you have.”

That is the whole truth, and with that in mind, may your life take a turn for the better with both your eyes open, and bring a fire of hope of a bright and happy future to every moment of your life.

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