More On Inward And Outward Goals

I have been asked to write more on this subject, and so I am pleased to do so. I have noticed in my decades of teaching that the sincerity of a person when they ask a question determines the quality of the response that I give.

But another large part of my writing comes from my own inner quest for understanding my own sincere questions. I have found that when I am deeply focused on some question, being alone and undisturbed, somehow, information starts to flow faster than my fingers can type it out. It is really quite fascinating how that happens. It is as if someone is dictating to me at a high speed, but I do not hear their voice. The information seems to come from my own thoughts, yet it is often thoughts that I had never previously thought or heard about.

I am not telling you this to make you think I am something special, because I am not at all, this is something that anyone can do, and it has been written about in a previous article called Why You Need To Know Your Outward and Inward Goal Before You Can Succeed and more in another article titled The Connection Between Reincarnation and Channelling.

The point of bringing this up is directly related to inward and outward goals. Right now for example, I am writing as I always do, without premeditated thought, typing as quickly as the ideas come, usually without a pause, and is similar to the practice of automatic writing that I have taught about and has been used for centuries if not longer. Let the thoughts come spontaneously and eventually the pipes will be washed clean as the flow increases. Then the water will flow out pure.

I do not believe that my thoughts are that pure, however they must be clearer than when I was a 18 years old. But now I believe that after decades of work, my thoughts are somewhat different.

This is the point, that through the practices we can clean the pipe of knowledge and allow different thoughts to reach our consciousness.

When you are searching for your inward goal, if your mind is clogged with desires and ego driven fears, guilt, greed, and other negative emotions, not only will you have difficulties in your life, but you will never find your inward goal.

The inward goal comes from a pure source, one may call that your soul, just to give it a name. You may call it the Id, Essence, Cosmic Teddy Bear, it does not matter. What matters is that it is the source of pure thought, YOUR pure thought, YOUR inward goals.

A sparrow is a bird. But it is neither a sparrow nor a bird. If you could have an intelligent conversation with the creature you call a sparrow, you would find that it neither knows what a sparrow or a bird is. Humans use those words to identify things so we can communicate.

The problem is that we have forgotten that words are means of conveying information and that the words have no value of their own. We have given, through no fault of our own and completely subconsciously, far too much meaning to words.

Having done this, we have lined the pipes of our mind with words to define all things rather than to view each event purely as it is at that moment. Those words are mixed with images of things, promises of ways to happiness through possessions and actions that have been presented to us through the media.

With this image, you can see that there is a pipe that flows from Universal Intelligence to your Soul, and from your Soul to your conscious mind where the original impulse sent to your mind travels through the pipe lined with programmed thoughts and desires.

Our thought process is lined as time lines our cologne. Yes, a dirty picture, but accurate. So with such a thick build up on the line of communication with your soul, how can you expect to find your true inward goal? But wait, all is not lost, there are means and ways to correct this.

The water is sent pure, and gets dirtied by desires on its journey to your conscious awareness. As that happens, you confuse the request for finding your inward goal with the delivered thought which are outward goals. I hope this makes sense to you so far, but if not, just ask me and we can talk about it further.

Now for the pipe cleaning process.

There are several other articles I have posted on which give you the methods to clean out the pipe of knowledge. This will allow you to distinguish between inward goals and, outward goals which you may think are inward. With that discernment, you will get closer and closer to finding a true inward goal.

Please review the article Commitment, The Secret of Success. (just on a technical note, you need to enter your email address to receive that paper, but that does NOT register you for the email notifications of new articles that I will post on my site. You must register for the RSS feed at the top right of the page to get on the mailing list.)

Commitment is one of the keys to success. You should test your level of commitment to any goal. That will tell you how deep a goal it is. If you set a goal and then find excuses to avoid it, you know that is not something that really drives you. However if you find something to do that you will do above all else, then that will bring you closer to purifying the flow of thought.

It is the process of commitment and following through with your goals that is a first step. One of the materials that build up on the walls of our communication line is the habit of starting something then dropping it.


Every time we start something and give up, that puts one more lump of unfinished business on the wall. When we are kids, that happens without our noticing, but eventually we grow older and find that we rarely finish things we start, or at least many things get started but we divert to other tasks before they get finished.

For this problem, the cure is to finish every task you begin before moving on. I have found many people say that they start to do something, then they interrupt it to check emails, or do some web search, or get up for some little thing.

Computers have aided our deterioration as much as they have helped our technology. You must practice following through with every little task, WITH the conscious intention to finish and not be diverted.

This is the purpose of meditation. It is said that Buddha would sit in a puddle of sweat of his own creation when meditating, such was the intensity of his concentration. Meditation is focused concentration. It is not to go off dreaming of some pleasant fantasy on another planet. Train your mind to stay focused. This is the second practice.

This is why the Japanese have used several different everyday tasks and turned them into a meditation; tea ceremony, flower arranging and one I practice is Kyudo, archery.

I also use Tai Chi and Qi Gong along with sitting meditation. If you use these practices, use them correctly. When you move, put 100% of your attention into your movement and every connected tendon and muscle. When my fingers move, I can feel a pull in my toes. That is the reality of what is happening in your body. That is focused attention.

And lastly, practice automatic writing. Sit for 20 minutes every day if possible and just write whatever thoughts come to your mind without editing. I write in this manner, then just correct the typos. You may not come out with anything intelligible for a while, but in time you will.

These are some practices which will clean out your mind and in time, your inward goals will become clear as your outward goals which have been fed to you are washed away.

And the last thing I will recommend is to join a support group which is directed by someone who has achieved what you seek and is focused on a specific direction. My forum is one option of that sort

Now, this is a good and very relevant example for this article, my recommending my forum. It costs $29.95 to join and I am promoting it. Certainly it is a means for me to make money, that is my outward goal.

Money is necessary, that is a fact of life. We all need it to live and do the things we desire. So I can say that I do hope to make money with the forum, but that is not the main goal.

The money I receive will go to support some of my charitable interests. This is a level deeper than the outward goal of the money, but is still not a real inward goal. Anyone’s philanthropic efforts only appear to be benevolent when in fact they serve a selfish goal in addition to the people who benefit from it.

We all have a need to serve and be useful. This is shown to be part of the human nature when we are young children and constantly asking to help our parents. From a young age we exhibit the need to help others in order to feel valuable and worthy of living.

But yet still further, I have a deeper inward goal with my forum. And this is the main point. I need to express my thoughts, knowledge and experience to people who will gain value from them in the hope that they will benefit and improve the quality of their life.

This is my need, a need that is very different than a desire. It is what drives me to spend the money and time on publishing my articles freely. This fuels me in a way that brings a sense of satisfaction and joy to my life as no other pleasure can.

This is an inward goal.

I hope you can understand what I have said here, and I will leave you with something one of my teachers said and ask you to find how this applies to your life. If you do, then you will find your inward goal and if you devote yourself to that with full commitment, you will find in time that the pipeline that feeds your mind its thoughts will become clear and your life will take on new meaning and satisfaction.

“If you have knowledge, it is not a question of if you should teach, it is your duty to teach.”

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  1. sayan sengupta July 10, 2009 at 2:11 pm #

    hi sir
    reading your article on inward and outward goal was such a nice refreshment for my mind! it cleared some of my doubts and refreshed some ideas. in fact i am writing this comment because this article freed up my mind enough and made me write it. and i am writing freely as my thoughts are flowing! thanks a lot!

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