My Prayer

You will notice that my articles vary in style and content. I assure you that I have written every word of what I publish, and if I take from another, I give them credit.

What I write and post here is as much for you, the reader, as it is for me, to let my thoughts out to the Universe for whatever may return. I do not know who or if anyone reads these thoughts, if they give any value to another. On rare occasions someone will comment back, and that is gratifying.

I have worked very hard in my younger years to make enough money so I can devote my life to the exploration of the mind and soul. I now live simply and freely because I believe there is far more to life than possessions we will one day leave behind. The words I publish here on this web site are my thoughts and realisations. This post is more personal, it is my prayer.

I share it with you, whoever you are, and maybe it will touch your heart and open the window for you to find your prayer. This is my wish for you because in finding my prayer, my heart is alive.

If you do like this writing, feel free to request a copy of my poetry book, on the books page, it is free, I share that happily.

The mind of man is the prison of the Soul. All we can do is quiet the mind to let our Soul call home, and hear the reply.

The call and reply together is the instant deliverance from here to there. Here is my prayer.

With all my soul, I call to You, to My Source.

Hear me now, I beg of You. I am lost in this prison and have no home here. I have no place to lay my head, no roof that is solid to trap me in, my eyes see through the walls, but my body cannot cross the bars, let me out, bring me home, I beg of You.

I cannot understand, I cannot conceive with this petty little mind, how can I come home other than by Your hand.

Reach down and unlock the gate, open the prison doors and carry me home. Send the messengers and guardians of Life, carry me back to my source. Release me from the clay prison of dust, now, for I cannot wait until it crumbles on its own.

Hear my call, I beg of You, answer to me in a voice I can hear.
Make my eyes and ears open to You, make me hear Your answer to me.
All I can do is not enough, it can never be on its own. It is You who holds the final key, the last ingredient to the recipe of life, true life, not this shell of death.

I call to You, great First of all beings, for You have started this chain of life, You are the one who made it all come to be. Now I am here, away from You, and I call unto You to bring me home, a journey I cannot make on my own.

You have sent me here, You have let me come, and You are the only way I can return.

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