New Book “ENTREPRENEUR MONK on Happiness, Success and Spiritual Life”

Over the last 20 years I have written many articles. I have been posting them on this web site, but since I am writing new articles constantly, many will not make it to be published. As well, with a long list of articles on the site, many will go unnoticed.

I have compiled all of my articles in to a series of books entitled “ENTREPRENEUR MONK on Happiness, Success and Spiritual Life” so people can get the full collection of my work without having to look through a list on the web site.

Each book in the series has aproximately 40 articles of 1 to 4 pages each, about 100 pages per book. They can be purchased on the books page and you can view the table of contents for each book by clicking on the cover image

The articles are not in any specific order, and thus will make a very broad and interesting study suitable to all readers at any point in their life. Because the articles are relatively short, this book is an excellent travelling companion or a perfect read for when you only have a few minutes.

May it be a fire of inspiration and good thoughts to start or end the day with.
I sincerely hope you enjoy and gain benefit from my writing.

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