New Invention Advises To Be Fake

There is a new technology for cell phones that can determine and notify you before you answer if a call is personal or business or from your kids school, etc.

The purpose of the function is so that you know how to answer the phone based on what type of call it is.

This may sound good, to know if you should answer in a friendly voice, or a serious voice, etc, but the problem is that it shows how people are valuing being false.

What is wrong with just answering the phone in a sincere pleasant voice and say ‘Hello’ every time.

The inventor being interviewed on the business news channel was basically saying, we have to care more about making money by answering the phone in the right way, rather than being sincere.

I have proven with my life and my students that one’s value and success is directly proportional to one’s integrity and sincerity.

If the first words you hear when you call someone sound insincere, you cannot trust them and you will always have a level of doubt throughout your relationship, be that business or personal.

The world is promoting being false, and that cannot lead us to a happy life. It hurts you by feeling you have to put on a false persona based on who is calling, and on the other hand, when you talk to someone, you want them to be sincere, so you can relax, which you will not get.

Both ways hurt, you and the other person. No wonder everyone distrusts everyone else.

The marketing and direction of business advice is harming everyone in creating fear and distrust, However, if we would get rid of all that and just be sincere with everyone at all times, we would all feel much better about our life.

It will even help improve your self esteem, knowing you are not faking it with every phone call you get.

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