No, It’s Not All Good

The common saying that is meant to encourage a positive happy attitude towards all things in the life is actually counter productive.

To try and convince yourself that ‘it’s all good’ when you work for a charity helping the poor, or defend an equal rights movement, or something of that nature, shows that you know its not all good, then say it is.

This conflict between the inner realization of truth and the external denial of reality, causes inner conflict.

This is what we call self-lying. Self-lies are the cause of our inner confusions and external conflicts. Basically, this is why you fight with yourself or defend yourself to others when you know you are wrong, the internal tug of war in your mind and heart.

In order to remove the mental self torture of indecision and conflicts, which eventually expresses itself in conflicts with other people, we must remove all self-lies. Only then can you really know your true self.

Opinions close your mind. Strangely, the most common closed minded fixed opinion is that you have an open mind, and this is another self-lie. Let’s test the validity of this statement.

When you believe in something, whatever that is, a religion, defending a particular group or cause, anything at all, you have a fixed opinion and your mind is closed, although you may call that clear or determined. It must be that way, otherwise you could not get your self motivated and your mind energized to work on what you believe.

The problem is that we all need a point of fixation to keep our life focused and on track. However doing that also narrows our views of all things in life, we cease to be objective as we put on the blinders that we deny we have.

Having something you believe in is thus a necessary evil, but a solution is required to end the internal conflicts which disrupt our life. The solution I have discovered is being fixated simply on making yourself a better person, you become your one cause to fight for, to achieve emotional freedom and be the best person you can be.

We need to define being a good person. Is that to be someone who fights for a cause, works to make other peoples lives better, or is it simply to harm no one, to metaphorically be an island in the middle of a stormy sea that others can take rest at. How would you describe a really good person?

Having reached a definition of a really good person, the next step is to define how you would like to feel every day. Charged with the stress of life and the challenge of taking on Goliath to save the world, or totally at peace, calm and wise at all times. Of course, these are all just examples to give you an idea of the direction the question is taking you.

I have found that accepting all things as they are, regardless of what it is, by seeing things from the point of view of God; objective, eternal and globally, over millions of years, allows the opportunity to be open minded, humble, and in fact, provides the ground that true solutions can arise in your creativity.

It also brings a far deeper peace of mind and heart, which is the needed environment for a spiritual experience or progress towards whatever the point of this human existence is.

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