Should America Police the World, And How We Can Improve Our Personal Relationships

Many Americans think that America has a duty to basically police the world.

This post may sound politically incorrect and many people are going to oppose my view, however i suggest you read it through and see the principle I am trying to make. You can agree with the example I am using or not, but regardless, the principle is very relevant to your own life and relationships.

I have a different thought than Clinton and I would love a presidential candidate to say this and see the response,….

If everyone in the world took care of only one person, just one, then everyone would be taken care of. If everyone would take care of themselves, everyone will be taken care of.

This does not mean to be selfish, but it does mean let everyone live their life and NOT interfere with anyone else in their choice of how they want to live with the intention of making them live your way.

This can be applied to individuals, and I believe would drastically improve many marriages and relationships in couples as well as parent child, but let’s see what would happen if we apply it to countries.

Americans like to think they are the best, fastest growing country, but I challenge that with Germany and Japan.

They have both grown economically at a rate that possibly outpaces the American growth rate if you consider what economic state they were both in after World War 2.  Totally wiped out.

The reason is that they were prohibited having a military for other than national defence so they put all their resources into building their own country and economy, leaving the rest of the world to take care of themselves.

Another thing to consider is that no one is attacking the other super powers of Russia and China, why is that?

Imagine a world where wars within a country stay within that country, that no other country invades for any reason, be that the claim of helping the poor, siding with the ‘good’ ones, or just to open up a new country for their big corporations to expand their markets.

Imagine that world, no country would be attacking anyone else because they would not have a reason to hate them for invading their home, and then eventually internal battles will settle down, and maybe in the next four years, we may actually see a world where we do not have to undress and have a full body x-ray just to get on a plane.

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