Stepping Towards The Goal

Choose your goal, whatever you want, then think about what do you need to have or be or change in order to get what you want.

What is the step before or requirement to getting your goal, and the step before that, etc.

Personally, I want to be enlightened. To do that I need to be pure in heart. To do that I need to remove all my negative traits. So my goal is to remove my negative traits and not to be focused on being enlightened yet.

If your goal is to retire wealthy, then;

To retire you need a lot of money,

To get money you have to earn the money and save,

To earn the money you need a skill.

So your goal is to get an education and learn a skill.

Focus on that instead of dreaming about being rich, and then one step after the other, you may get rich.

Analyze all your goals and work with them in this manner and you will know your immediate goal and the following goals which come after that which are all steps which lead you to your ultimate goal.

This makes achieving almost any goal achievable and realistic.

By doing this, your subconscious mind, knowing it becomes realistic, will be able to give you more hope and motivation to work towards achieving your ultimate goal.

i think this is a big problem with goal setting. They tell you to have your goal and make the vision board etc, but they do not give you the crucial steps to achieving your goal and thus there are millions of vision boards that end in the trash or never get past a pretty picture on the wall.

Success is possible if you follow the law of the universe, which means we have to grow step by step, and not instantly from poverty to riches. The reason this does not work is that it will take a lot longer to get your goal, but better longer and later than never.

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