Stress Is A Product Of Guilt, And How To Eliminate Them

The human being is often misperceived as a single individual. That is very far from the truth. In fact, we are a sort of apartment complex with several different beings all living in the same building.

Stress is caused by guilt. Guilt is caused by an inner conflict between two of the tenants in the building, your animal nature and your ego/personality, which is programmed by your culture and upbringing.

The ego tells you what is right and what is wrong, which is often in conflict with your animal nature – the body which has its own mind – which doesn’t have the constraints of ethics, morals and cultural or religious values that the ego-personality has.

When you have certain desires of the animal nature which conflict with what you think you should feel, that creates guilt and then that guilt creates stress. This still happens even if you do not follow through on your desires, simply desiring is enough to cause guilt and confusion.

We can use a simple example, and apply this principle to many things in anyones life.  A devoted married person may see someone else and sexual desires arise. These desires cause guilt because the concept is that if you are in love and married, you should be satisfied. The desires bring question as to your devotion and also the depth of your love. This leads to guilt for having desires which could lead to being unfaithful, and to doubt if you are really in love. All this causes tremendous stress.

The solution to this perpetual, never-ending stress, by anyone who believes they have good morals, is the acceptance that you are multiple beings. You are an animal and your animal nature and desires will always be there and never go away. That part of your being has no concept of anything other than feeding its desires immediately as it feels them. It is totally unconcerned with anybody else and who or how they get hurt in any way. It is totally self-centred.

When you experience these feelings and desires which are selfish and even could inflict physical, emotional or mental harm on another human being – and you still want it regardless of the harm it will cause – and you feel guilty about that, it’s because you deny the reality of the cohabitation of the animal nature and the ego/personality into one body, even though they are two totally separate beings.

The self-lies that; ‘I am a spiritual being’, and ‘I am a single individual being’ are the false beliefs behind the pain. Accepting the truth that a human is a combination of multiple, totally different and opposing beings, trapped within a single body, helps you resolve the guilt of your feelings and allows you to use your intellect and not follow those feelings or desires (because you know better) and you won’t feel guilty about having those desires, even if they’re constant.

Two animals of different species will eat different foods; meat or vegetarian, live in different places; up in a tree or burrow in the ground, but yet share the same watering hole to drink the same water.

When the guilt is removed, the stress is automatically eliminated and thus more energy – mental and emotional – and focus is available because it’s not wasted on guilt and stress. This brings a greater balance to your personality and in that you will no longer feel the conflicts – eventually – once you have fully integrated this acceptance.

The reality through self-observation of the multiplicity of beings in one body is the value behind the saying; Know Thyself.

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