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New Invention Advises To Be Fake

There is a new technology for cell phones that can determine and notify you before you answer if a call is personal or business or from your kids school, etc. The purpose of the function is so that you know how to answer the phone based on what type of call it is. This may […]

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Good Manners and Spiritual / Conscious Development

Good manners are not the most common quality, yet have always been stressed as important. I would like to explore a far more valuable reason to have impeccable manners other than just to look good to others. Good manners are a show of respect to other people, as does following a code of ethics and […]

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Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, Or Does It?

There are many lies in the world that are meant to keep you limited and destroy your ambition. One of the big ones is; ‘money doesn’t buy happiness.’ The way this article turned out, I would like to ask you, if you do not like what you are reading, just read the last three paragraphs, […]

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Destiny VS The Law Of Attraction, And Finding Ultimate Truth

The search for truth is the eternal and elusive pursuit of many people. These truth seekers often believe in one or both of these concepts; Destiny and the Law of Attraction. Finding truth requires a totally objective view of all things and the removal of all fixed opinions. This is actually logical and indisputable because […]

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Understanding Destiny And How It Works

If it’s meant to be, it will be. That is the premise behind destiny. Many people either believe, or would like to believe in destiny, but it usually turns out to be an excuse for your mistakes or to avoid making decisions and taking action. What is destiny? The idea that your whole life is […]

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How Life Can Have Meaning

Life has meaning when you create beauty. It does not matter what that beauty is. It could be art, music, or a beautiful garden, as long as everyone who it touches finds joy in it. If you find there is no meaning to your life or life in general, perhaps you are thinking of meaning […]

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Is The Law Of Attraction Supreme Arrogance, Or Real

Imagine if everyone had the power to make anything they wanted happen. You could get a job you want, get someone to sell their house to you at any price you want, make someone fall in love with you, move the stock market to make a company shares go up or down because you want […]

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Is Your Goal A Desire Or To End An Aversion

So many people are confused as to why they do not get all of their goals. Sometimes they succeed at some goals but not others. This article will explain why that is. Movement is always two fold, you move towards something and away from something at the same time. The same principle applies to goals […]

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Were Buddha And Other Spiritual People Really Without Wealth

For people who think that being spiritual means you should not care about money or material things, there is something to bear in mind if you are using the justification that Buddha and spiritual people had nothing. In fact, they were effectively very rich. Everything must be placed in context, the real definition of the […]

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Effective Listening

A Monologue Is One Person Talking To Themselves.  A Heated Dialogue Is Two People, Talking To Themselves It is selfish to try to make someone understand what you want to say, and selfless to understand what the other person is saying, or hearing. The whole concept of effective communication skills is flawed. The flaw is […]

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