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Improving Memory Through Logical Reasoning

Many people think they have a bad memory or simply cannot think straight. There are too many events which turn out that we forget something or neglect to prepare for the obvious, and this is attributed to a bad memory. What if it has nothing to do with memory at all but rather is the […]

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Does Changing Words Really Change Anything?

Changing the words to describe situations is a common concept in new age and political correctness culture. The concept is that by changing the word, the subject actually changes. That is simply not realistic since we know that all thought is in our mind. By changing the word or label, we still apply the same […]

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You Are 100% Responsible For Every Thing That Happened to You

Misery or good things, almost every thing that happens to you, other than some exceptions, has happened due to your own decision at one point in time. You made a decision and that sent a chain of events in progress until what you are currently dealing with happened. Likewise, your innocent or assumed irrelevant decisions […]

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Law of Attraction – How to make money in business series When you go to the restaurant, you go with an empty stomach. They give you food, you give them money. There is the¬†emptiness, which is filled, and then what is given gets something in return, money for food. When a child is born, it […]

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