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What Is Right? Philosophy, Religion Or Neither

I had a discussion with a great scholar about the mind and how it can believe anything it wants to believe, as well as find reasons to refute what anyone else believes. Philosophers all disagree among themselves on the most important issues, eg. God, morality, etc. Some prove the existence of God and the soul, […]

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Why Muslims Force Their Women To Cover Up

When you feel something is precious and that other people want to steal it from you, you will tend to hide it and protect it, so no one knows what you have. This way, no one will get the idea or desire to steal it from you. This is the reason behind the forced covering […]

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What Does ‘Being Spiritual’ Really Mean

When I was younger I wanted, as many people do, to be more spiritual, I wanted to devote my life to a spiritual path. Even while I was in business I spent about six hours a day on various practices. Meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, studies of ancient texts and constant awareness practices. The time […]

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Are Muslim Immigrants Humble Guests Or Aggressive Invaders

With all the uproar about how the world is changing to conform with the demands of immigrant Muslim demands, I felt it was the right time to make a statement. Feel free to distribute this article as you wish. There are many examples such as creating special time slots for swimming pools and sports games, […]

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The Pendulum Of Your Life

Here is a principle from the Kybalion that will help you change the direction of your life and find happiness. When the momentum of the swing of the pendulum in one direction runs out, it eventually swings the other way. The concept is like tossing a ball in the air, at one point, it stands […]

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How To Take Passive Action

I can tell you your block of finding happiness, but you will not understand. This is normal, and why it is the greatest stumbling block for a seeker of truth. Truth of the Universe and truth of oneself. It is that you do not understand what there is to learn, and yet you think you […]

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The Law Of Nature Is The Law Of God

We can speak of God and Spirit and all the religions and teachings attributed to God on how we should live. The problem is that all the religious teachings have to be interpreted and there are so many interpretations that the interpreters themselves argue with each other over the true meaning. This article is meant […]

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Is The Law Of Attraction Really That All Pervading

Most proponents of the Law of Attraction argue that you attract everything into your life. This view makes it hard to explain events such as the death of a loved one. People say that my view of ‘logic to life’ makes more sense but it hardly makes life spiritual in the way most people think […]

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Where Did We Come From

This is the question that so many people ask. Some have found comfort in religion and the different versions of God, but I, like many people, find that a bit hard to accept, so I have spent my life, and continue to look further each day, to find an answer. The first clue is that […]

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Suffering, The Cause Of Suffering, And The End Of Suffering

Buddha said that life is suffering and that the cause of suffering is desire. That is a very clear and obvious truth. If I desire something, that means I do not have it, and if I want or need something that I do not have, that craving for it does imply suffering to some degree. […]

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