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Catch The ‘No’ Preceding The ‘Yes’

Have you noticed how people respond to questions or comments with; “No, yes it is…”  People often respond initially with a negation even when the answer is affirmative. For example, you may say; “That is a very nice shirt.” And the response will be; “No, yes it is very comfortable.” I asked a friend from […]

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How To Tame The Monkey Mind To Stop Mental Chatter

The first step in correcting a defect is that you must know the cause of the defect, its reason for existence, why it was developed. Everything exists for a reason or purpose. It does not matter if it is a useful or productive purpose in your opinion or destructive like cancer, there is an objective […]

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To Observe or Absorb

There is a big difference between observation and absorption of events. The concept of self observation is quite old, we have talked about it often as Gurdjieff and Ouspensky have taught, and yet as much as I teach this method of awakening, people fail to get much benefit from it. Today, travelling in Thailand with […]

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How To Stop Saying The Wrong Thing

This article is about how to increase your awareness, learning how to hold your tongue, to not say the wrong thing and, not stick your foot in your mouth. All this is achieved by removing selfish desires. You may not realize how much of your life is ruled by very subtle but powerful selfish thoughts […]

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To Hear The Real Meaning, Listen With Your Senses

We listen with intellect, interpreting words and identifying their meaning in the dictionary of our personal vocabulary. Deeper emotions and hidden meanings in spiritual matters must be felt, sensed in your body. Knowledge cannot always be conveyed in words. We must feel a sensation in our body induced by hearing the story or words. This […]

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Why Do I Procrastinate

Many people are hindered by procrastination, and have no idea why they do it. There doesn’t seem to be any logic or reason as to the cause of putting things off, but it is almost impossible to get the simplest task done. My theory is that the problem lies in the aspiration of perceived perfection. […]

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The Essence Of The Mind Is Like Air

This subject is very tricky to understand, it is simple, yet difficult to grasp because it is so simple. For this reason, there will be many discussions about it in different ways for you to have the variety of concepts that one may reach your understanding. Although there will be many lessons on the same […]

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Improving Memory Through Logical Reasoning

Many people think they have a bad memory or simply cannot think straight. There are too many events which turn out that we forget something or neglect to prepare for the obvious, and this is attributed to a bad memory. What if it has nothing to do with memory at all but rather is the […]

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The Difference Between Reality And Illusion

The difference of reality and illusion of life is what keeps us present or not present. If you live with reality you will be present, if you deny reality you live in illusion and cannot be present. The reality is; from the instant you are conceived, you are dying and going closer to your death. […]

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Tantra And Humanitys Spiritual Progression. Where We Go Wrong And Right

Many people think that humanity is reaching a higher spiritual level than ever before. I think those people have not been to the historical sites and probably lived through TV and the internet. Certainly there are many things on the internet which simply based on volume and dissemination of information would justify that claim, but […]

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