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The Need Is To Speak, The Real Need Is To Be Heard

To solve any problem, we must find the ultimate cause, the true source of the problem. Most people have some sort of emotional problem, which can be connected to feeling alone or abandoned in some way. Some people are very quiet and do not speak at all, but many need to talk, at times excessively. […]

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Happy Or? Part 1

Ask yourself this question; ‘If you were given a choice, would you choose to have $10 million but not be entirely happy or, to be incredibly happy all the time.’ Another question is; ‘Would you rather fit in to society and be accepted as normal but be unhappy, perhaps even depressed or, would you rather […]

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The Purpose Of Human Life, Even For Perceived Failures

I think this world may be something like a maze and we are the rats in the maze. What we need to do is find our way out of the maze and sometimes we get a little tired of hitting dead ends and that’s what puts us in a state of depression or frustration or […]

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How To Purify Your Mind And Heart

It is very important to remove all negative emotions, and that means also remove all negative memories, if you want a peaceful life. People rarely consider how a negative memory from long ago can effect and destroy their energy for the rest of their life. This is why it is so important to find and […]

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Humans Are Social Creatures

We all know that we like friends and companionship etc, but rarely does anyone question WHY we like or need certain things. We are an electro chemical organism. Which means we are made up physically of a bunch of chemicals which hold an electric charge. You know it from static shocks when you touch something. […]

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How To Be Happy

There will always be people better, smarter, richer than you, and there will be many more poorer, sicker, lonelier and more unhappy than you. What would a staircase be if there were no steps in the middle? Strive to improve yourself and at the same time, be content with what and where you are instead of […]

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Live To Change, This Is What Life Is All About

Change what you are today, or what you were when you first realized that you are not as perfect as you could be, into someone better tomorrow. This is a really worthwhile point and reason for life. So many people cannot find a point to life, seeing life as futile or simply just are not […]

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Why Pain Continues

I had an impacted wisdom tooth pulled many years ago. The pain continued for weeks after the operation. The dentist cut me open again and looked but could not find anything. It took him cutting me open three times until he found a small piece of tooth that had cracked and was still in the […]

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Is Life Pointless? Here Is A Possible Point

Many people get the feeling that everything in life is just an empty waste of time, totally futile. So much of our time spent on empty interactions, work to make money just to pay taxes and survive, etc. is just a waste of time and effort, given the inevitable end. This is a very depressing […]

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Why Do I Procrastinate

Many people are hindered by procrastination, and have no idea why they do it. There doesn’t seem to be any logic or reason as to the cause of putting things off, but it is almost impossible to get the simplest task done. My theory is that the problem lies in the aspiration of perceived perfection. […]

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