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To Hear The Real Meaning, Listen With Your Senses

We listen with intellect, interpreting words and identifying their meaning in the dictionary of our personal vocabulary. Deeper emotions and hidden meanings in spiritual matters must be felt, sensed in your body. Knowledge cannot always be conveyed in words. We must feel a sensation in our body induced by hearing the story or words. This […]

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My Heart Is Closed

We all suffer from a heart that is closed, either a little or a lot, and we spend our life trying to avoid being aware of this, but it is always there in the back of our mind. This article will take the article; “How To Find What You Really Are” a little further. Our […]

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How To Know The Truth Is The Real Question

Asking for the truth is the ultimate question but first we have to know how to know it. The way is through direct experience by our objective observation of our self. Can you see how subjective you are in your view of everything you encounter.  How everything you hear about you fit into your previous […]

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Moses and the Burning Bush

True, pure and real emotion is so overwhelming that one feels an expansion in the centre of the chest that grows and continues to grow, issuing forth a physical sensation of pressure, an almost solid but fluid substance. As it flows forth, the body becomes weak yet not weak, it melts and keeps its form. […]

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The Use Of Intuition In Business And Relationships, How To Strengthen That ‘Gut Feeling’

The greatest successes in business and life in general usually come from a decision based on a ‘feeling’. That gut instinct when you just know something is right, or wrong, is usually correct, but all too often, recalled only after we made the wrong decision. When I began investing in the stock and Forex markets, […]

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Self-lying is our greatest hindrance to success. The truth cannot be found when you are living in a lie. Self-lying is just that, lying to yourself. We all do it, daily in fact. We may call it by other names, justify it, ignore it, or give in and believe it without even knowing what we […]

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Negative Emotions Are False and How to End Them

Negative emotions are not real and are not natural. It is not possible to have any negative emotion that is part of our essence. Every negative emotion is learnt. Negative emotions need to be defined so they are not confused with other emotions which we now call negative. For instance, murder, rape and so on […]

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You Are 100% Responsible For Every Thing That Happened to You

Misery or good things, almost every thing that happens to you, other than some exceptions, has happened due to your own decision at one point in time. You made a decision and that sent a chain of events in progress until what you are currently dealing with happened. Likewise, your innocent or assumed irrelevant decisions […]

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