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All Things Have A Cost

The fact is that you pay for everything, every breath has a cost. When you receive something, anything, you pay for it in some way. If you don’t pay now, you will pay later, or you may have paid in advance. Self development cannot happen if you deny or ignore the reality that everything has […]

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Aim and Your Essential Nature

Much has been said about the importance of having an aim to give direction to your life for you to progress with your work. If you do not have an aim, nothing in your life can progress. Your aim is the engine which drives the entire vehicle. It is not only having any aim, it […]

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Stress and the Flow of Nature

Every machine has natural limitations, its individual capacity. When it is stretched beyond its capacity, it will be stressed. Please bear in mind for this talk that the word Stress is meant like stretched to its maximum. No machine exists that is a whole unit. All machines are a sum of parts. A machine does […]

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The Ultimate Mastermind Group

Religion. What better proof of the power from the combined force of large numbers of people for a single goal or purpose is there than religions. In a religion, everyone believes in one god, or Christ or idol. That works for sports, music, or movie stars equally to false teachers and big name gurus. The […]

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How To Make A Successful MasterMind Group

The principle of the Mastermind group is well known by many people and there are many groups that have been formed under the premise of mastermind support groups, but they rarely if ever deliver a successful outcome. I have seen many of these groups and they have one thing in common, they are very short […]

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Finding Like Minds

This article is a gamble. When you read it, maybe you will identify with what is written, or think I am a fool. I have written this for a purpose and I am willing to take that risk. All I ask is that if the subject interests you, then please read the whole article so […]

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When The Pressure Is On The Intensity Increases, The Exercise

This is a follow up to the article entitled ‘The Eleventh Hour’, in which we discussed the value and need of a deadline. Now we shall discuss where the power of having a deadline comes from. The reason desires do not make things happen is because they lack intensity. If you want the universe to […]

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Why There Is No Balancing The Material And Spiritual

Everyone is seeking the way to balance their material life with their spiritual aspirations and practices. I believe there is no way to balance the two because they are not in fact separate. For two things to balance against each other, they must be separate and different, but if there is only one thing, then […]

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The Use Of Intuition In Business And Relationships, How To Strengthen That ‘Gut Feeling’

The greatest successes in business and life in general usually come from a decision based on a ‘feeling’. That gut instinct when you just know something is right, or wrong, is usually correct, but all too often, recalled only after we made the wrong decision. When I began investing in the stock and Forex markets, […]

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Eleventh Hour Experiences And Exercise

The following are some examples which a reader presented from his life about coincidences and synchronisity. Reader: 1.) During school days, many times I was home in the evening and thinking of some girl or boy from my class and than I went out to the market and would see them there. This used to […]

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