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Remedy For Feeling Like A Failure And Depressed

If you ever feel like a failure in your life, that you failed in accomplishing anything significant and are therefore worthless to any degree, do this little calculation. The world today is all about encouragement, positive reinforcement, that anyone can do anything, which is simply a guarantee for disappointment since we are not all capable […]

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What Is Right? Philosophy, Religion Or Neither

I had a discussion with a great scholar about the mind and how it can believe anything it wants to believe, as well as find reasons to refute what anyone else believes. Philosophers all disagree among themselves on the most important issues, eg. God, morality, etc. Some prove the existence of God and the soul, […]

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Why We Justify And Dispute

Some people often dispute anything that appears even slightly as a criticism or negative comment towards them. They justify and argue that it is not true, or they have excuses why this was an exception but, they never normally do that. The cause of this irritating reaction is because of the need to be liked […]

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Finding Loving Companionship

‘You can’t fix something until you know it’s broken’. And before one can fix it, one must to know why, where and how it broke in order to fix it, or determine if it needs to be discarded and acquire a replacement. One’s greatest strength is to know one’s weakness and one’s greatest weakness is […]

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Why Muslims Force Their Women To Cover Up

When you feel something is precious and that other people want to steal it from you, you will tend to hide it and protect it, so no one knows what you have. This way, no one will get the idea or desire to steal it from you. This is the reason behind the forced covering […]

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No, It’s Not All Good

The common saying that is meant to encourage a positive happy attitude towards all things in the life is actually counter productive. To try and convince yourself that ‘it’s all good’ when you work for a charity helping the poor, or defend an equal rights movement, or something of that nature, shows that you know […]

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The Reason For The Karma Concept, And Why You Do Not Have Faith

There is good and bad in the concept of karma which this article will explore, among other thoughts such as superstitions, religion, faith and finding a path that suits you. Karma is a great coping mechanism to deal with the suffering of life. Karma is a very attractive concept because it makes the misery in […]

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Can You Really Make Yourself Happy?

Many people talk about how you make yourself happy and how it’s not someone else who makes you happy. I say that you make yourself angry, and no one can make you angry other than yourself, but I disagree with saying you can make yourself happy on your own just by choosing to be happy. […]

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Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, Or Does It?

There are many lies in the world that are meant to keep you limited and destroy your ambition. One of the big ones is; ‘money doesn’t buy happiness.’ The way this article turned out, I would like to ask you, if you do not like what you are reading, just read the last three paragraphs, […]

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How Life Can Have Meaning

Life has meaning when you create beauty. It does not matter what that beauty is. It could be art, music, or a beautiful garden, as long as everyone who it touches finds joy in it. If you find there is no meaning to your life or life in general, perhaps you are thinking of meaning […]

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