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Is Your Goal A Desire Or To End An Aversion

So many people are confused as to why they do not get all of their goals. Sometimes they succeed at some goals but not others. This article will explain why that is. Movement is always two fold, you move towards something and away from something at the same time. The same principle applies to goals […]

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Stepping Towards The Goal

Choose your goal, whatever you want, then think about what do you need to have or be or change in order to get what you want. What is the step before or requirement to getting your goal, and the step before that, etc. Personally, I want to be enlightened. To do that I need to […]

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To Observe or Absorb

There is a big difference between observation and absorption of events. The concept of self observation is quite old, we have talked about it often as Gurdjieff and Ouspensky have taught, and yet as much as I teach this method of awakening, people fail to get much benefit from it. Today, travelling in Thailand with […]

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Exercise To Remove Blocks In Your Mind

Try this exercise. Notice how when someone tells you something or you see something, how quickly your mind thinks it understands it. That is the problem. We must catch that reaction, stop it and remember that we can never know the true depth of what is behind a person’s words or actions or any event. […]

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How To Stop Saying The Wrong Thing

This article is about how to increase your awareness, learning how to hold your tongue, to not say the wrong thing and, not stick your foot in your mouth. All this is achieved by removing selfish desires. You may not realize how much of your life is ruled by very subtle but powerful selfish thoughts […]

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Law Of Attraction And The Ego

There is a great power in the concept of the law of attraction, which has also been expressed in terms such as ‘magnetic centre’, ‘attractive force’, ‘the power of the mind’, and many others. The danger of the modern concept of the law of attraction (loa) is that it professes that you have incredible power, […]

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Understanding Words, An End To Conflicts and Anger

Words are our main form of communication. Words have the greatest power to make us happy or sad, aggravated or elated. How can something that has no actual material reality have such a powerful effect over us emotionally and physically? Here is a very old thought that gives an idea of how we can release […]

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How To Know When To Let Go, And How

How do you know when to let go, in business or personal situations in life. This is a very difficult question, but one that is vital to living a life that continuously moves forward. Afterall this planet is moving through space at 1,350,000 miles an hour, so we may as well keep moving also, it […]

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Is Humanity Safe To Be Self-Governed

Lao Tzu wrote in the Tao Te Ching; ‘…To have harmony in the kingdom, keep the people’s belly full and bed warm.’ He was speaking of how to keep the country running peacefully through accepting the reality that if people are in want, they will react violently, even if that is self-defeating. What can we […]

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Is It Depression Or Boredom

There is a big difference between being bored or depressed, however they appear the same in an adult, and so boredom becomes confused with depression. The longer you are bored, the more you will think and appear to others to be depressed, If it lasts too long, you may eventually become depressed, but in fact […]

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