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Good Manners and Spiritual / Conscious Development

Good manners are not the most common quality, yet have always been stressed as important. I would like to explore a far more valuable reason to have impeccable manners other than just to look good to others. Good manners are a show of respect to other people, as does following a code of ethics and […]

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No, It’s Not All Good

The common saying that is meant to encourage a positive happy attitude towards all things in the life is actually counter productive. To try and convince yourself that ‘it’s all good’ when you work for a charity helping the poor, or defend an equal rights movement, or something of that nature, shows that you know […]

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Can You Really Make Yourself Happy?

Many people talk about how you make yourself happy and how it’s not someone else who makes you happy. I say that you make yourself angry, and no one can make you angry other than yourself, but I disagree with saying you can make yourself happy on your own just by choosing to be happy. […]

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Is The Law Of Attraction Supreme Arrogance, Or Real

Imagine if everyone had the power to make anything they wanted happen. You could get a job you want, get someone to sell their house to you at any price you want, make someone fall in love with you, move the stock market to make a company shares go up or down because you want […]

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Should America Police the World, And How We Can Improve Our Personal Relationships

Many Americans think that America has a duty to basically police the world. This post may sound politically incorrect and many people are going to oppose my view, however i suggest you read it through and see the principle I am trying to make. You can agree with the example I am using or not, […]

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Life Is Not About Money. Money Just Gives You Choices

Poor people think they can do what they want, but that is not true. They are limited by their poverty. Rich people can choose to do what they want. For example, poor people have to travel by public bus. Rich people can go in a car or on a jet, or they can go by […]

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How To Regain Motivation

You lose motivation when you feel hopeless because nothing is working and you think you have tried everything, or you will never meet the right partner. But this is an arrogant attitude that implies you already know everything or every one of the 7 billion people on earth. A bit of humility in accepting that […]

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The Human Heart Cannot Be Empty

Our heart must have something to love or care about, that is just part of being human. If we do not have anyone to love, we will look for someone or something, a pet or good cause, so there is something for our heart to feed on. This is the cause and danger of relationships […]

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A Cause Of Problems

If you find you have perpetual chain of problems in your life, it may be because you need to have problems, not just because you have bad luck. Self Pity is probably the most common negative emotion that everyone has. Everyone has it to some degree, even if you do not notice it. Every time […]

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EQ Balance & Financial Success. CORRECT LINK

We apologise for the broken link on the previous note about the interview on the topic of EQ Balance & Financial Success. Watch on Youtube by clicking here Or DOWNLOAD a copy to your device HERE David was interviewed on KCLau.com, the largest Malaysian financial advice web site. Part 2 continues on the topic on May […]

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