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The Reason For The Karma Concept, And Why You Do Not Have Faith

There is good and bad in the concept of karma which this article will explore, among other thoughts such as superstitions, religion, faith and finding a path that suits you. Karma is a great coping mechanism to deal with the suffering of life. Karma is a very attractive concept because it makes the misery in […]

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How To Cultivate Sincerity and Selflessness

Sincerity and selflessness are inseparable, where there is one, there is the other, and where one is not, neither is the other. One of our students asked a very good question; ‘how can I become sincere.’ She knows that she does things to show gratitude but it is lacking sincerity and she wants to get […]

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Call Me A Male Chauvinist

I was reading an article about Kobe, Japan and came across a very telling report which gives an incite in to the dangerous territory we are going as a species. I do not think this attitude is limited to Kobe or Japan, but rather is global. The point of this article is to ask; are […]

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How to End Pain and Be Happy

Many people who believe in karma (the law of cause and effect in respect to previous incarnations if you believe in that) have the concept that the negative situations that happen to them are a type of karmic debt. That somehow they deserve whatever bad things have befallen them, either in business, or in relationships. […]

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The Danger Of Rumours

Keep this in mind the next time you are about to repeat a rumour or spread gossip. One day an acquaintance ran up to Peter excitedly and said, “Do you know what I just heard about John?” “Wait a moment,” Peter replied, “Before you tell me I’d like you to pass a little test. It’s […]

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The Difference Between Reality And Illusion

The difference of reality and illusion of life is what keeps us present or not present. If you live with reality you will be present, if you deny reality you live in illusion and cannot be present. The reality is; from the instant you are conceived, you are dying and going closer to your death. […]

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Nobodys Perfect

Everyone accepts that nobody’s perfect and it is impossible for anyone to be perfect. At the same time, almost everyone would like to know and be in unity with God, or whatever term you use for what you perceive as a greater being. The problem is that God is perfect and there is no way […]

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Spiritual Growth And Logic

There are many people who are drawing large numbers of followers through their social network, propagating that the world is changing and that the ‘energies’ are now different as humanity enters a realm of heightened awareness. They claim that this new period has changed the process of spiritual development such that a person can skip […]

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Sincerity, This is the Key to Good Relations

Sincerity is the word. It is the power behind all success in personal refinement. Pure thought is the power to command. Thought is made impure by fears, falsity, distractions, false desires, false personality, fragmentation, identification and so on. Sincerity is pure thought. But what is sincere thought? Impeccable action. Being who you are, not who […]

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Do You Need a Good Slap!

Let me tell you what frustrates me. The frustration comes from my own limitation to help people in a certain position, I simply do not know how to get this type of person past the point they are stuck at. This is not to say I do not know how to fix the problem, because […]

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