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Understanding Destiny And How It Works

If it’s meant to be, it will be. That is the premise behind destiny. Many people either believe, or would like to believe in destiny, but it usually turns out to be an excuse for your mistakes or to avoid making decisions and taking action. What is destiny? The idea that your whole life is […]

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Why Do I Want To Fail

The reason why I want to fail is the same reason I want to succeed. Satori, Enlightenment, Nirvana, different names but all the same thing, the experience of enlightenment, if even for a moment. The state of total bliss and freedom, unity with all things, if you like, God. This is the state that I […]

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Is Your Heart Closed Or Simply Preoccupied. Emotional Opening Is In Being Present. It’s All In The Hug

Is the difference between being open and closed emotionally simply being focused or preoccupied? Maybe we are just too preoccupied with the stresses and problems of life to be able to relax our mind enough and that is partially what prevents our ability to feel and connect. Feeling your heart is closed, empty or longing […]

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Are You Lacking Love

The feeling of not being loved is an imagination of the ego while it searches for happiness. You have to create the feeling of not being loved in yourself by yourself. Or more accurately, you have to imagine you are not loved, because that is simply not true. It has nothing to do with reality.
You […]

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Does Fear Of Love Prevent Finding Happiness

As your eyes focus on one point, but your peripheral vision takes in and registers so much more in your subconscious, so do all your senses, of smell, sounds, touch, and taste. Self-improvement as well as inner peace and happiness can only be found when the fear of love is eliminated. The fear stems from what […]

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How To Feel Love And Remove All Emotional Obstacles

The Law of Opposites is unavoidable in our world. It simply states that for everything, its opposite must also exist. This applies to temperature; hot and cold, weight; heavy and light, and emotions; love and hate. This article is about Love. Unfortunately, being a human on earth, that means there has to be an opposite […]

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Why Spirituality Cannot Help You Overcome Your Issues

Many people complain that their parents did things to them as a child which have negatively effected them emotionally as an adult. These emotional issues are based on the memories. The memories are real, but the reality today is that the problem is in fact just memories.   The problem is not that your parents […]

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love and Love

The difference between love that fades and love that lasts is the latter is joined with sincere and worthy admiration.

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Pressure Causes Stress, Resistance Causes Pressure

This article will explain the cause of stress related to the pressures of life and how to eliminate the negative effects. Not only will that be explained, but you will also find how to use the pressure in a positive way. If you push on something, it resists being pushed. This applies to any material […]

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Why Can’t You Have Both

I was asked a question; “I’m trying to find a way to balance having a relationship and achieve my goal. But I see I’ve failed to realise I cannot have both. Because my goal is also to be balanced my thinking is that I needed to have a relationship in order achieve this.” Why can’t […]

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