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You Are Nothing More Than A Dust Bunny

Zen is an interesting path. It tells us that nothing exists including our self, that we have no essential reality or even a soul. This can be very confusing if left without deeper study to find its meaning. We are basically an accumulation of thoughts and desires. They make up the essential reality of your […]

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My Prayer

You will notice that my articles vary in style and content. I assure you that I have written every word of what I publish, and if I take from another, I give them credit. What I write and post here is as much for you, the reader, as it is for me, to let my […]

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What is Spiritual, Really.

Law of Attraction – Spiritual Growth Series There are many concepts about spiritual growth. The problem is that you do not even know what ‘spiritual’ really means, otherwise you would have it. The entire concept of ‘spiritual’ is so distorted by false information spurred by a natural human need to understand what we are, where […]

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How to Reduce Sadness, self improvement, inner peace and happiness, finding happiness, foundations of a good relationship

Law of Attraction – Service & Contemplation Series If you have no useful purpose, your work, job, something that you do that is useful and serving humanity daily, or if you do not find what you do to be a useful service, then you may have a feeling that there is no reason for you […]

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Uprooting Anger

Law of Attraction – Practical Meditation Series As an example, when people speak about the roads on a snowy day and say it is a mess, that is a negative attitude. Even if it is true, it may be messy but it is what it is. You will deal with whatever you must to get […]

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How To Differentiate Between Ego And Intuition

All too often, we have a thought about something, which way to turn on the road, which number to pick, many things, we get a feeling but then think and choose differently. There are two separate abilities to make a decision, ego and intuition. We are all aware of intuition, and the question always remains […]

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Different Mystical Views Of Life

The purpose of these principles are to guide any individual towards achieving their goals in work, relationships, spiritual pursuits, personal calm and balance, and life in general. These principles are drawn from several ancient traditions as well as from my own personal experience. They are presented for the 21st century taking into account the changes […]

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