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Stress Is A Product Of Guilt, And How To Eliminate Them

The human being is often misperceived as a single individual. That is very far from the truth. In fact, we are a sort of apartment complex with several different beings all living in the same building. Stress is caused by guilt. Guilt is caused by an inner conflict between two of the tenants in the […]

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A Cause Of Problems

If you find you have perpetual chain of problems in your life, it may be because you need to have problems, not just because you have bad luck. Self Pity is probably the most common negative emotion that everyone has. Everyone has it to some degree, even if you do not notice it. Every time […]

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What Is The Real Pain Behind Lies, Deceit And Broken Trust

We have all been lied to, cheated, tricked and hurt. Sometimes it is just the common result of business, other times it is incompetence or a lack of accepting responsibility, but most of the time it is someone who is either a stranger or at least not very close to you, and this can upset […]

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The Different Values Of East And West

Being a mix of cultures, parents from India and Middle East, while being born in Montreal myself, and having lived in various countries for the past 20 years, I see the world split in two cultures or mentalities, East and West. Today, I am in Cambodia, and have observed the different people, locals in the […]

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I Didn’t Mean That, ‘Emotional Containment’

Many times people, in the heat of the moment, will say something, and then quickly upon realizing that it was inappropriate, try to stuff the words back in their mouth pleading that they did not mean that or they were just joking. The problem is that retraction is not possible. If I asked you a […]

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How to Conquer Negative Energy Being Projected Towards You

The subject of this article is about reacting to negative emotions. If you are affected by other peoples actions, that indicates that you care about what they think of you, you are not free. Certainly that is normal in our society, but is it normal for the real essence of a human being as opposed […]

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New Book “ENTREPRENEUR MONK on Happiness, Success and Spiritual Life”

Over the last 20 years I have written many articles. I have been posting them on this web site, but since I am writing new articles constantly, many will not make it to be published. As well, with a long list of articles on the site, many will go unnoticed. I have compiled all of […]

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Why Are China Made Products So Poor

This article may sound like a business or cultural discussion, but it leads to a very valuable personal growth lesson at the end. The general consensus is that ‘made in China’ means garbage quality, as if everything made in China is going to be rubbish. In one of my business ventures, my business partner and […]

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The Truth About Forgiveness, How To Really Forgive Permanently

Forgiveness is a very popular concept. Everyone who is interested in self healing and personal development is talking about forgiveness and how that is being compassionate etc. However, many people find it difficult or impossible to truly forgive. Some people may think they have forgiven, but a little inquiry and you will find that they […]

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A Living Teacher or Acceptance

The Sufis say that the way to find God is either through a living teacher or, failing that, is through acceptance. Acceptance of all things that come to you without judging them. The way of accepting all things without complaining or feeling bad is to know that the reason these difficulties exist is so that […]

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