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Did You Choose To Believe It?

The question of having a choice is an interesting one about personal power, it is one we choose to believe. If you truly had a choice in your life and actions, would you do the many things you do that are detrimental to your self or others? How many times a month, a week, a […]

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Harmonizing The Minds

There are several steps in the process of self-improvement and finding Inner peace and happiness described in this article. These steps may take some time to complete, and I intended to give you an idea of the path of personal growth that will work towards eliminating ignorance. When you can clearly see the mortal and […]

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Time And The Search For Knowledge

The search for knowledge and self-improvement drives many people in the path of personal growth. Knowledge and information are not the same although our educated minds have confused the two and made them one from the intellectual point of view. Information is like any other item, it can be collected and accumulated. To do this, […]

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The Difference Between Your Character And Your Self

There is a difference between ones character and abilities and ones self. The skills are temporary, they die with the body, ones self continues. When we compare our skills and personal growth to each other in the process of our self-improvement, we have superiority and inferiority. That is where we get lost in ego. Ego […]

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